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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 3/8/2002 4:56:38 PM EST
http://www.mcrkba.org/GunBills.html (In MD, "assault rifles" & Handguns are regulated) HB1075   3/14 1:00pm Regulated Firearms - Interstate Importing - Prohibited House: Judiciary Makes it a misdemeanor to IMPORT regulated firearms bought outside of Maryland into Maryland even via an FFL (it appears). The bill does allow “Purchases and sales to or by a licensed gun dealer, manufacturer, or importer” under 441A which appears to limit the application of the law to people purchasing a firearm and shipping it into Maryland via an FFL to conform to federal law. Previously the law of section 445A modified by this bill applied to purchases of regulated firearms by individuals for importing them into Maryland for their use. It would appear that people moving to this state are NOW prevented from importing a regulated firearm and will be guilty of a misdemeanor. Makes the subtle change of the number of days in the waiting period from [seven] to 7 - no doubt making it easier to slip in an undetected change to the waiting period in the future (no capitalization of the number 7). Repeals provisions that authorize a person to have regulated firearms from out-of-state sellers transported to an FFL within Maryland for handling; and provides a specified penalty. Allows the Secretary to waive a 7 day waiting period for regulated firearm purchase by certain government employees (privileged persons). Sponsored By: Delegates Valderrama, Patterson, and Hill >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> The bill makes it a misdemeanor to IMPORT regulated firearms so people moving to this state and having firearms that they purchased in their original home states would now be guilty of this crime. For those people, there does not appear to be any lawful alternative but to sell, or store outside of Maryland, those firearms before moving here. The effect of this IMPORTING misdemeanor will be to trap many people in Maryland firearms laws who would otherwise not be a problem for the legal system. This continued effort on the part of some Maryland legislators to ensnare law-abiding residents is sickening. If it is not because the sponsors are ignorant, it must be because of an ATTITUDE OF CONTEMPT for the civil rights of Maryland residents. This bill acts as a restraint of interstate trade violating the US Constitution which gives the federal government the power to regulate that trade, not Maryland. It does that restraint by preventing people from finding and ordering firearms to be brought into Maryland through an FFL when the exact same firearm could be ordered and imported for sale in Maryland by the FFL for sale in his shop. One impact on this legislation will be to raise the cost for unusual or specialized firearms (e.g. target pistols) which are not commonly in stock in Maryland gun shops. So it will be impossible for Maryland residents to take advantage of the national market for use firearms and national market prices. Since the handling (application and approval) to purchase the firearm is the same as any other, it is difficult to see a benefit to public safety in preventing Maryland purchasers from buying in other states and shipping to FFLs in Maryland. RTF of bill: http://mlis.state.md.us/2002rs/bills/hb/hb1075f.rtf
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