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Posted: 10/11/2007 9:37:21 AM EST
They fuel the fires that burn in hell!

I swear I'm getting so damn sick of their shenanigans. I went through the ATM and made a withdrawal of $110 and was charged a $1.50 fee. The damn ATM kicked out $10 along with a receipt and an error. So I go into the bank and was assured that only $10 was taken from my account. So I got another ATM to get the rest of my money and get a NSF notification. I have my wife check the account online and sure enough the stupid thing debited my account entire amount. So I call satan's fun house and tell them I want my flippin money. They claim that some efunds place made the correction and I just needed to call my other bank and have them fix it. Well I call the other bank and they tell me there are no corrections pending and that the full amount was indeed debited. So know I am waiting for a call back from the bank president (satan). Also in my conversations with the bank I tell them that I want my $1.50 back because there is no way in hell I'm letting keep that. Thats a 15% charge on the $10 that I did get. They claimed that those funds are not collected by the but are collected by my original bank. My bank claims that they don't charge me that. I'm getting my freakin money back and I'm getting it today! After work I'm going to go sit in their lobby. BANKS PISS ME OFF!

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