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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/22/2001 1:16:44 PM EST
Just off the wire on the ar15.com homepage: Brady Center and Police, Public Health Coalition Seek to Block Military Weapon Imports http://www.jointogether.org/gv/wire/press_releases/reader.jtml?Object_ID=545816 Basically, a bunch of police organizations have joined with HCI in making sure that importations of useful firearms remain blocked. The kicker to this story is the different and numerous LE groups that are backing this lawsuit. "The groups joining the Brady Center's brief include the International Brotherhood of Police Officers, the National Association of Police Organizations, Inc., the Police Foundation, the National Black Police Association..." What groups are you in? Do you know what groups your departments are members of? Where are your union dues going? These are things we should be asking our higher-ups, and getting out of if at all possible. Hell, I refuse to even join the FOP, even though I know their lawyers would be handy in a pinch. The only group I have seen lately is LEAA, since they have the same values I do. Agree?
Link Posted: 9/22/2001 1:28:30 PM EST
I agree with you bro..That's exactly the reason I will NOT join any of these so called organizations these days. That includes any AFL-CIO sponsored group. I get so sick of these orgs spouting off about what the POLICE OFFICERS want and need.. When the majority of LEOs have a totally different opinion. I could go on and on about this one...[soapbox]
Link Posted: 9/22/2001 1:38:35 PM EST
Just curious.... Is there a "WHITE Police Officers Association" ? [;)] [;)] [;)]
Link Posted: 9/22/2001 1:51:44 PM EST
I've asked that a few times myself, RBAD. But we both know the answer.
Link Posted: 9/22/2001 1:55:02 PM EST
I am currently FOP, I would be interested in the LEAA from what I hear you guys saying. Do they have any type of Legal Defense Fund? Anyone have a website address? Kiwi
Link Posted: 9/22/2001 2:05:36 PM EST
SGT., read some of this info: [url]http://www.largo.org/LEAA.html[/url]
Link Posted: 9/22/2001 2:26:01 PM EST
Originally Posted By LAcop: SGT., read some of this info: [url]http://www.largo.org/LEAA.html[/url]
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Thanks, Kiwi
Link Posted: 9/22/2001 3:49:16 PM EST
I agree with LAcop, f**k those so-called unions. Most LEO's that I know love guns and love them in the hands of "law abiding" citizens (i.e. non-psychos)
Link Posted: 9/22/2001 3:55:39 PM EST
Until this year our dues stayed in the locally controlled union. This year the union leadership convinced everyone to go with IUPA. dues doubled, and I have no idea where the money goes....
Link Posted: 9/22/2001 9:49:02 PM EST
Originally Posted By RBAD: Just curious.... Is there a "WHITE Police Officers Association" ? [;)] [;)] [;)]
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Are you kiddin' me? That would be racist!!!
Link Posted: 9/24/2001 4:39:01 AM EST
Originally Posted By PaulieWalnuts:
Originally Posted By RBAD: Just curious.... Is there a "WHITE Police Officers Association" ? [;)] [;)] [;)]
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Are you kiddin' me? That would be racist!!!
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Link Posted: 9/24/2001 5:49:17 AM EST
The only organization I'm currently a member of is NTOA.
Link Posted: 9/24/2001 8:40:50 PM EST
Now YOU know why I don't belong to any of these organizations. Thier politics have been known for a long time...
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