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Posted: 9/1/2004 6:00:51 PM EDT
I was looking for something ENTIRELY different than what I found... interesting this:

Did you know...:

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One who has their head up their ass. Thus wearing their ass as a hat. Asshat

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One who enters into a new environment without taking the time to learn any of the social rules of the place. Then they promptly make pretty much every social gaff you can imagine this side of shitting on the dinner table.

You know, a moron.

Scrappy Doo is one of the few existing examples of an animated asshat.

vote at: tinyurl.com/4qrxb

Also, this one is what I initially stumbled upon... I like it ...:

There's no telling where some words come from. Like, for instance, who was the genius that one day said "I'm going to invent the word 'fuck' just so people can scream it at each other while driving down the highway."? Well, for the most part, I'm guessing we will never know how some words came into origin. But I have come up with a clearly outlined history of the greatest word ever, along with definitions and a useful synonyms list.

Part One: The Origins and Spread to the United States

From what I can trace back from archived IRC chats, the term 'asshat' was first used in the large European country of Sweden as an alternative for the word ‘asshole.’ From Sweden, by way of both train and ship, the word found it’s way to the shores of western France, where it was used by a software coder named Louis (LOO-ee) in a telephone conversation with his second cousin in Newfoundland. This great man was responsible for sending this fashionable European word to North America for all to enjoy!


www.confusednation.com/asshat/ (if you go, be SURE to read to the VERY last sentence... or at LEAST the last sentence... ;)

and this was good, IMO:

Why Use Asshat?

Quite frankly, there is no better insult in the world than the word asshat. Think about it.

Scenerio 1: You are once again late for work, and the boss decides to chew you out about it. So he finishes his ten minute speech about how you should be prompt every day. Under your breath, you mumble the word 'asshat'. He will look at you puzzled (if the old man even heard you) and ask you what you just said. "Asset," you will reply. "That's a great asset to possess." You just made fun of the guy, and didn't get fired! Asshat to the rescue!

Scenerio 2: You are playing a rousing game of Counter-Strike and some hacker comes in to ruin the fun. Luckily, everyone in the room knows the secret word to repel cheaters. That's right! If you and your fellow teammate continue to call the little prick an 'asshat', he will eventually get confused and leave. This strategy will also work at parties, bar mitzfas, and other socal outings.

Link Posted: 9/1/2004 6:02:34 PM EDT
learn something everyday, don't ya
Link Posted: 9/1/2004 6:27:58 PM EDT
Let me guess.......girlfriend busy tonight?
Link Posted: 9/1/2004 6:29:16 PM EDT
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