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Posted: 3/3/2001 9:20:16 AM EST
What are the chances of a Ban Reprieve?  I saw a post concerning pre ban versus post ban prices on another page.  Someone recommended they buy a post ban because they said:

"If the Bush Admininstration does not renew the Bradey Bill, all post bans will be pre bans."

It was also stated that the prices of post bans lowers will go up... probably because people will be buying them before it happens again like in the early 90's prior to 94.

I hope it happens, but I am pessimistic.

Link Posted: 3/3/2001 10:16:07 AM EST
The public hates AW's.
They are afraid of them.

The AW ban being allowed to die in an election year?
Ain't never gunna happen, and i got a years pay on it.

Slim Shady
Link Posted: 3/3/2001 10:21:32 AM EST
I doubt the ban will ever be lifted. I'm with McUzi on this one.
Link Posted: 3/3/2001 12:38:01 PM EST
Here's the deal. The current law WILL expire just before the next presidential election. However, you can bet anything you want, the anti's will try anything and everything to replace the expiring law with something similar or, of course, more restrictive.

We do get a second chance on fighting the semi-auto AW ban. But it will be a nasty hard fought battle.

We need to start educating the sheeple now, not in two or three years from now.
Link Posted: 3/3/2001 12:39:43 PM EST
I`m hopeful on this. If Dubya can reasonably prove that the ban did nothing to reduce crime and restricted people`s rights,he mightbe able to let a useless law sunset. This will be more likelyif John Ashcroft encourages Operation Exile to go nationwide.
Link Posted: 3/3/2001 1:14:27 PM EST
The first thing we need to educate sheeple on is the fact that a semiautomatic AR15 is not an "assault rifle" (an assault rifle must,by definition, be capable of full auto or burst fire), that it will not "spray hundreds of rounds per minute" as Sarah 'Dumbass Bitch' Brady likes to say.  I know that I can't pull the trigger that fast.   The Clinton's and their friends have missapplied that term to AR15's and have scared the hell out of a lot of sheeple who have no reason to be afraid.  When people see them, they just assume they are full auto because they listen to HCI's lies and have not bothered to find out anything for themselves.  They make me sick. [puke]
Link Posted: 3/3/2001 1:20:47 PM EST
"Ain't never gunna happen, and i got a years pay on it."

I need my money...  A couple more workplace or school shoot-em-ups and we will be lucky to hold on to what we have.

Like he said... Will never happen. [:(]
Link Posted: 3/3/2001 1:21:03 PM EST
Can you fill us in on the specifics of Project: Exile?
Link Posted: 3/3/2001 2:19:17 PM EST
It will happen if we get off our dead asses and make it happen. This is a huge part of the reason the republicraps won in 94. Let's remind them of it. ALOT.
Link Posted: 3/3/2001 2:45:26 PM EST
Even if the Feds allow it to expire, NY state passed a "mirror" law that does not expire.  Kali, NJ, and CT bans won't go away either.

Expect it to be a constant issue on every state level.
Link Posted: 3/3/2001 3:34:50 PM EST
I wouldn't count on it. I may be mistaken, but I don't know of GW overturning, or resending anything that bill did yet. Fed. land grab, Emissions on heavy trucks and diesels, Exec. Orders. Good Luck.  
Link Posted: 3/3/2001 4:32:34 PM EST
Project Exile is aprogram the US Attorney in Richmond,Va came up with to deal with drug related gun violence. Simply put, he teamed up with local prosecutors to use the Reagan Administration`s mandatory sentencing law for gun use in drug cases. Once the bad guys were convicted in state courts,the feds would prosecute and have the druggies sentenced consecutively instead of concurrently. Some drug dealers were going away for a long time, I believe as long as ten years.
Link Posted: 3/3/2001 8:05:32 PM EST
I don't believe the assault weapons ban will be overturned, (who needs a bayonet lug anyway?), I would like to see the kits keep coming in & ammo from the PRC.
If Bush can just stifle the lawsuits, it would be great.
Link Posted: 3/3/2001 8:33:20 PM EST
Be thankful Bubba Klinton is No-More....

Now about Dubya:
I Voted for GWB and I did so because he had done some good things for Gun Owners in Texas. And now he is our Prez. And Cheney is a well known Pro 2nd kind of guy. And I'm glad Bubba is gone.

Now: Bush HAD BETTER do the right thing by us as far as the 2nd Amendment is concerned, 'cause if'n he don't, come 2004, I'll Vote for ANYBODY but a Stinking Damn Republican--And I'll even Vote Hillary just to get back at those Republicans--And I let them know it too!

And I think we should ALL let the Republican Reps and Senators in our Home Towns, County and State know it!
If the Republicans expect to survive as a Party--Then do the RIGHT DAMN THING for the people who put them IN OFFICE or we will PUT THEM OUTTA OFFICE in 2004--and then all of them and their hangers-on will have to try getting jobs in Private Industry.

Tell them McDonalds and Wal-Mart will have to hire them, 'cause we won't!

And as for the NRA and GOA, Etc., They had better Push for Rollbacks of these so-called "Gun Laws" and Push Now--The same goes for them...Push Hard or I'll never Join their Organizations again--Let 'em Wither & Die and the next time I see Heston, LaPierre and Larry Pratt, I'll be wearing my Steel-Toed Work Boots and I'll give them all a hard kick in the Ass...

They had better Push the Bush Administration for a Pro 2nd Ruling re: the Emerson Case and a Certain U.S. Supreme Court Hearing on Appeal of the Emerson Case.
If the Supreme Court decides in Favor of the 2nd, "The Brady Law" and Most of the other Illegal "Gun Control Laws" will collapse under their own Unconstitutional Weight long before Brady's Sunset Date of Sept. 2004.

And don't give me that Defeatist Attitude about Bush and the Republicans' not willing to do anything for our Gun Rights and our Liberties. Some of you here seem to accept that they won't do anything for you or your Gun Rights--Why, I don't know. And yet you voted for these Bastards.[:>/]

I don't want to read any Whimpering and Whining Posts about this...Some of you Cry and Moan like Old Women...You oughtta be ashamed of yourselves and your Defeatist Attitude.....[V]

The Republicans either do it for the 2nd and the Constitution or they Die and Fade Away and to Hell with Them and Good Riddance![:(!]

---Other than that, things are coming along nicely....[^]
Link Posted: 3/3/2001 8:42:20 PM EST
Damnn Liberals, the guns the guns the guns. Its not the guns that kill people. People, kill people.

All we can do is support the NRA, and keep the politicians busy. They work for the people. Whether liberal or Pro Amendmant 2.Lobby the hell out of them.

I just pay!!

Link Posted: 3/4/2001 4:25:30 AM EST
I know this is a little of topic but: What I find sad is that people at my range who have semi auto "Assualt weapons" voted for Gore cause thier Union told them to. With Bush at least we have a chance but we should start making noise NOW. I have.
Link Posted: 4/3/2001 6:36:01 PM EST
Tell the Union boys when their jobs move to Mexico, Gore & Clinton were passing NAFTA.
Tell your California friends when they are freezing in the dark, that it was the enviromentalism of Gore and Clinton that wouldn't allow power plants to be built.
Link Posted: 4/3/2001 9:13:23 PM EST
MrBuffo, I agree completely. Albeit I do not think I would go as far as to say I'd vote for Hillary to teach the Republicans a lesson.

I think the so called assault weapon ban will pass away and I'll tell you why.
Many of you will disagree with this but her me out and consider it for a moment.

W has no intentions of getting reelected. Look at what he has done to this point. He took away federal money from overseas family planning clinics that offer abortion.....not a popular move with the liberals. He channeled federal money to churches that provide care to the needy.....not a popular move with the liberals. He stood behind Ashcroft secure in the knowledge when he nominated him that there would be heat. Basically he forced Ashcroft down their throats even when they tried to test him with regards to future nominations, i.e. to the supremes.
W plans to move and shake things in DC and devil take the hind most. I think he figures to do what he can in the time he can and not concern himself with popularty contest. He figures he'll dance with those that brnug him and if the libs don't like it than he fix what he can in four. I expect that the "gun issue" will be one that he will be tackling soon.

George ain't worried 'bout elections in double ought four or liberal dumbass's.

Just me opinion, based on observations thus far, but I could be wrong.
Link Posted: 4/3/2001 9:38:51 PM EST
I think it will sunset without so much as a peep from the dems so that they can use it as a nail in the coffin for Bush's reelection. Remember the drunk driving stunt they pulled this election? Just imagine them complaining about how Bush let "crazy Americans have easy access to man killing semi automatic machine gun assault weapons."

Link Posted: 4/3/2001 9:47:03 PM EST
Link Posted: 4/3/2001 10:12:49 PM EST
For me, there are little chances to se the AW Ban dropping. Those "liberal" sheeps divide into 2 categories:
-those who think that depriving you of your guns will take away guns from criminals (what a foolish idea!)
-then there are some who know 100% that, but don't like guns in the hands of private citizens for various reasons (fear of guns, political agenda,ecc).
Of course, dropping the AW Ban will make more than a few people angry. Anyway, where the H***L
is written that I cannot possess a m-gun or a suppressor? There are thousands of deaths by car accidente, and everyone can own a car!!!!!!
Damn demoRATS !
Link Posted: 4/3/2001 10:22:05 PM EST
I've been around long enough to know that nothing is carved in stone.  This is politics: reality doesn't matter.  The ban will be renewed or allowed to expire based on how much political points its worth at the time.  Could it happen that its allowed to die a much deserved death? Of course. Could Bush sign a new one outlawing what we are allowed to have now? You bet.  Wait, see, and stock up in the mean time.
Link Posted: 4/3/2001 10:51:27 PM EST
I'm not very schooled on the date this would sundown. I was thinking it is Oct of 2004. If this is the case, and GWB sees no chance of re-election, he will probably just let it die. Remember, this is at the peak time of Dem vs. Rep battle(election year).

He might want to go out showing a very strong conservative view if it looks like the Dems might take over the office. Look at the  pardons Clinton approved in his last days.

The sunset of the AW ban might get as little publicity as the release of the National Oil Reserve by Clinton last fall. That was only covered for a couple weeks at the heat of the election. And it seemed like 'guns' were brought up very little during the debates last time around.

I also think the registered Democrat gunowners should give up their firearms first when the time comes. This will give them more time to think about their past [b]poor voting judgement.[/b] The thought of voting against one's cause just for spite, as stated above, is also rediculus.

Look at the past voting records of Democrats/Republicans on 2nd Ammendment issues. You will see which party leans more towards are goal.  

***Written by a Right-Wing Conservative who is also a Union Member(Local 563).  
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