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Posted: 5/14/2001 5:44:13 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 5/14/2001 5:47:08 PM EDT by Death_By_AR15]
Rifleer1 requested a workout programs so here's one of the ones I use. When I completed it, I had awesome results. I was 33% stronger and doubled my pullups. People kept commenting on how big my arms had gotten. Try it and stick with it! First, find your max for all these exercises. You max for this program will be as much weight as possible and still get four reps. The % intensity for each week will be taken from that number. Print this out and write your numbers down as you go. [size=2] Week 1 [/size=2] [u]Arm Day 1[/u] 4 Sets, 8-10 reps, at 55% (use this for each excercise) Standing Barbell Curl Seated Alternate Dumbbell Curl Lying French Press Bar Pressdowns [size=2] Week 2 [/size=2] [u]Arm Day 1[/u] (3 sets, 7-9 reps, 65%) Standing EZ Bar Curl Lying French Press Seated alternate Dumbbell curl Dumbbell Kick back Hammer curls Bar Pressdowns [u]Arm Day 2[/u] Standing Barbell curl Incline Dumbbell Curl Dumbbell Preacher Curl [u]Arm Day 3[/u] Lying French Press Close Grip Bench Press Dumbbell Kickback [size=2] Week 3 [/size=2] [u]Arm Day 1[/u] (3 sets, 5-7 reps, 75%) Standing Cable Curl Incline Dumbbell Curl EZ bar Preacher Curl [u]Arm Day 2[/u] Seated overhead EZ bar extension One arm reverse grip pulldown Bench dips (2 sets of 5-7, body weight only) [b]SUPER SETS[/b] (definition - DO NOT STOP UNTIL YOU COMPLETE ALL EXCERCISES IN THE SUPER SET. That means NO rest between sets, or reps) Example: Do one set of 5-7 Hammer curls, then immediately 1 set of 5-7 Parallel Bar dips. Repeat until all sets are complete. [u]Arm Day 3[/u] 1st Superset: Hammer Curls (3 sets of 5-7 at 75%) Parallel Bar Dip (2 sets of 5-7, bodyweight only) 2nd Superset: Dumbbell Preacher Curls (2 sets of 5-7, at 75%) Bar Pressdown (2 sets of 5-7 at 75%) Normal sets: (2 sets of 5-7, 75%) Seated Dumbbell Curls Seated overhead EZ bar curls [size=2] Week 4 [/size=2] [u]Arm Day 1[/u] (2 sets of 5-7, 80%) Incline Alternate Dumbbell Curl Standing Barbell Curl Seated Concentration curls [u]Arm Day 2[/u] Lying French Press Bar Pressdown [u]Arm day 3[/u] Standing Barbell Curl Standing Alternate Dumbbell Curl Wrist Rotation (1 set of 20) [size=2] Week 5 [/size=2] (3 sets of 5-7 at 80%) [u]Arm Day 1[/u] Dumbbell Kickback Close Grip Benchpress One arm reverse grip pulldown [u]Arm Day 2[/u] Close Grip pull ups Dumbbell preacher curls Wrist rotation (1 set of 20) [u]Arm Day 3[/u] Parallel Bar Dip Seated overhead EZ bar extension Bar Pressdowns [size=2] Week 6 [/size=2] (2 sets of 5-6 at 90%) [u]Arm Day 1[/u] Bar pressdown Standing barbell curl One arm reverse grip pulldown Standing barbell curl Close Grip benchpress Incline Dumbbell curl [size=2] Week 7 [/size=2] (1 set of 4 at 100%) [u]Arm Day 1[/u] Standing Barbell Curl Seated Alternate Dumbbell Curl Hammer Curl [u] Arm Day 2[/u] Lying French Press Bar Pressdown Close Grip Bench Press *** After week 7, take a week off, re-max and repeat the program.
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