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Posted: 11/21/2008 6:03:07 PM EDT
Funny thread of slashdot started about the new AG selectee and how he's a Clintonite... and suddenly all the old geeks are recoiling because they remember what fun the Clinton administration was to all of us!  Prosecutions left and right, censorship, the whole nine, not much different from what happened to gun owners then... but I digress.

I was just going to read the thread and laugh;  I saw the "How's your 'Hope' and 'Change' coming along now, eh?  Buyer's remorse much?" comments coming before I clicked the thread...  some part of me just wanted to chuckle to myself seeing others say what I was going to say...  and then some retard spouted some bullshit about the 2nd amendment... and I couldn't just be quiet.   It's buried pretty deep in the thread, so I doubt it will get modded up,  but I did post pretty much a short novel...  and the chances of it getting modded up are pretty poor;  Slashdot isn't exactly a haven for people who understand how the real world works.  Who needs that as long as you have your computer?

Slashdot story
subthread my comment is in

In case you missed it, it's the big-ass comment by "Stormshadow"

Hope you guys have as much fun as I did shaking my head and wishing unpleasant things upon stupid people.
Link Posted: 11/21/2008 9:00:44 PM EDT
And then!  Some idiot tried to make a pathetic rebuttal.  What a maroon.
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