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Posted: 12/18/2005 8:44:15 AM EDT
Brits still looking the other way
by Yehudit on December 15, 2005 05:22 AM
Michael Ledeen on the contested story about Iran smuggling forged ballots into Iraq:

I keep getting reports from Iraqis and from American soldiers, that tell of abundant evidence of direct Iranian involvement with terrorism in Iraq, but these stories never make it to the MSM. An Iraqi dinner guest the other evening said that in Basra, for example, there are offices with big signs that say “Iranian Military Intelligence,” where recruiting is going on. That's a British zone, and the Brits permit this to go on, even as they warn about lethal Iranian activity.
If the Americans and the Brits don't want to mess with the Iranians, how can we expect the Iraqis to be more aggressive? Iraqis know that the Iranians can blow them up, why should they confirm things like Filkens' story? Of course they will deny it, even as you and I would under the circumstances.

Journalist Steven Vincent was murdered for writing about this. I thought the Brits realized they had a problem after their SAS commandos were kidnapped. I thought they realized that their attempt to be nonjudgmental about local politics allowed the fanatical and unscrupulous to prey on the weak. Ledeen gets to the point: refusing to make judgments doesn't make one “open-minded” or “fair.” It makes one a betrayer of those who would be the victims of those you avoid making judgments about.wlwydo
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