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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 6/24/2001 9:27:28 PM EST
I had my mother in-laws family let us stay in a house(That he father died in.) had had the guns stolen out of it a few days before and was done by the grandfathers step son who has escaped from a mental hospital and was in it for burning down houses. And they never told us until the last night we slept there. I hate Carlil AK. AT the time I had a 8 month old son at the house. Yes after I found out I stayed up with MR,1911 cocked and locked
Link Posted: 6/24/2001 9:32:28 PM EST
"Sometimes relatives are people you otherwise wouldn't have anything to do with."
Link Posted: 6/24/2001 9:38:30 PM EST
Originally Posted By PowderBurns: "Sometimes relatives are people you otherwise wouldn't have anything to do with."
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AMEN to that
Link Posted: 6/24/2001 9:39:33 PM EST
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Link Posted: 6/24/2001 9:58:39 PM EST
Well then I'm not going to quoit you then save you a little trouble. This is only half of the story with my in-laws.Let me just say theres nothing like being told that your going to have to go to court because your 9 year old brat that said you where showing her porn online. Let me just say that 1. My wife was in the room and she is hard core southern Baptist. 2.Is looking at a gun form with girl's with bikinis and Guns porn. I got off that real quick because I had two people say to the father a dead beat that had not seen his kids in 7 years and is 38 years old and works as a stock boy at piggy wiggly that they where in there and I did not such thing. I also told him that I was pressing charges agents him and his daughter for slandering my name. I want to get in a PD my wife is a nurse so this would have not looked good. So now I have a order that says that she can't be 20 feet by me and her father had to pay me a little money as an out court thing. I'm sorry it sounds mean but have to teach the little brat that she could not go around and make up lies about people and get away with it.
Link Posted: 6/24/2001 10:05:42 PM EST
damn....I thought I had a bunch of screw ups in my family... I feel for ya...man.. Do what you got to do... BTW- I'm now........ [red]Evil-Beagles[/red]
Link Posted: 6/24/2001 10:13:58 PM EST
Thats not even 1/32 of the proplem I have not told about my family.
Link Posted: 6/24/2001 10:19:08 PM EST
Aw hell...I don't want to even get into my side of the family! LOL! I used to live near Boston, MA I moved 2762 miles away to make sure I would be far enough away from most of them..... [red]Evil-Beagles[/red]
Link Posted: 6/25/2001 2:10:11 AM EST
Originally Posted By Beagles747: Aw hell...I don't want to even get into my side of the family! LOL! I used to live near Boston, MA I moved 2762 miles away to make sure I would be far enough away from most of them..... [red]Evil-Beagles[/red]
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I've been there. I like my in-laws better than my own family. Get this -- my son is 14, and his grandmother (my mother) has never been to his house (my house) his entire life. She has been invited numerous times, but never visited. We go to SC to see her once a year or so, but not vice versa. I finally quit inviting her.
Link Posted: 6/25/2001 3:48:38 AM EST
I got lucky in this marriage. Wifes father died nefore I met her. Her mother (named Evelyn, and it should have been Evilyn) died 2 months after wife and I married, and wasn't invited to the wedding anyway. Wife hasn't talked to her brother in 10 years, after he refused to apologize for having molested her when he was 14 and she was 8 (he's now a pediatrician in Chatanooga, Tenn.) Sister is a total nut case, and wife hasn't had anything to do with her for 6 years. Sooo- I don't have any inlaw problems, cause I effectively have no inlaws. [;)]
Link Posted: 6/25/2001 5:24:00 AM EST
Do you know why family can treat you like crap? Because they can. You can pick and chose your friends but you can't pick your family. And they know it!
Link Posted: 6/25/2001 5:48:36 AM EST
Rusty, That is a fact. I don't hate my inlaws, I simply have no respect for them. I should write a book about them. People would be ROTFLAO at it. I have trouble liking a group of people that got new computers/electronics for Christmas and gave me a 1.5oz bottle of Vanilla Extract. They didn't even buy the damned thing, it was a sample bottle they scrounged up somewhere. They did put a nice used red ribbon on it! Sigh [sex][spank]
Link Posted: 6/25/2001 5:55:48 AM EST
When I got married, I hadn't yet met my ex's family... BIG mistake!! We [i]hated[/i] each other... it was so bad that the last time we visited I refused to stay with his family and we stayed with childhood friends of his. Reinforced my belief now that a loooooooong courting period is in order and that you need to get to know your prospective spouse's family and friends [i]really[/i] well. If the family is incredibly screwed up, don't think anyone got out unscathed... [rolleyes] Just as an aside... is anyone else having trouble wading through Tayous's posts?? I get the main points but it's the jumble of poor syntax and lack of punctuation that's confusing me... [>:/]
Link Posted: 6/25/2001 5:58:32 AM EST
Link Posted: 6/25/2001 6:13:25 AM EST
MM, I waited late to get married (40) and learned along the way I was going to marry a family. Took the time to find a great lady with really great relatives. Thank my lucky stars. Mother-in-law can move in with us any time she wants. All the in-laws enjoy the outdoors. We had ALL the family in for Father-in-laws 80th birthday and everybody got along. Wish my own family was as nice. Live and learn.
Link Posted: 6/25/2001 7:15:42 AM EST
Crazy inlaws can certainly make your life miserable but not nearly as miserable as a step child who all of a sudden decides to tell his dad every bad thing, whether real or made up, that I have ever said or done. To make matters worse it is commonly known that said step child has no regard for authority shown by his mom or dad. All of a sudden it is my fault that the child is rude, mean, hateful and angry to the point of hitting his dad (hey, it used to be me that he hit and no one cared then) and embellishing (lying) as necessary to the parties he is with at a particular given time any and all situations he may or may not have been in so that he can gain favor in the eyes of said party. Hah................top that! Now.................dad is all worried about the bad man his little angel lives with and Mom is concerned about dad being concerned ( he never has been before) which must make it all real. Truth is I am the only man ever to tell the boy that there is a set of rules and a set of consequences for breaking those rules (my mistake) and, not being a perfect creature, I have lost it a few times and said some things I should not have and done a few things I should not have which only gives fuel to all their fires. This is frustration increasing on an exponential scale. All my ass are belong to everyone else but me.
Link Posted: 6/25/2001 2:11:23 PM EST
My in-laws are good people. I like them.
Link Posted: 6/25/2001 2:33:16 PM EST
Guess I got lucky. My inlaws are good people also.I like um!
Link Posted: 6/25/2001 2:33:43 PM EST
Link Posted: 6/25/2001 2:58:13 PM EST
Ask ARlady what she thinks of my parents! Go ahead, I dare ya! Oh, if you do ya better, you better clear the youngs out of the room 'cause the stream of obscenities could clear any bar room. [:D]
Link Posted: 6/25/2001 3:27:56 PM EST
I must be lucky too because my in-laws are pretty cool. Even the mother-in-law. We'll see how things turn out once we start having kids. Things are known to change at that juncture in life.
Link Posted: 6/25/2001 4:43:36 PM EST
[Last Edit: 6/25/2001 4:45:20 PM EST by ARlady]
well, i wasn't gonna, outta respect for my sig. other, but since he opened the door.... she's not even my in-law yet and i've already been called fat and ugly. (neither of which are true. i may not be perfectly proportioned or model beautiful, but fat and ugly i am not!) she decided before she even met me that she wasn't going to like me. and then has to come up with a reason when asked about it. her response: well, she's not skinny enough. as if my dress size has any bearing on my personality. i've known several skinny bitches and lots of incredibly nice overweight people. during my one and only visit to her house (in three years of dating her son) i was telling her that i was looking for a guy with a real committmemt to family because i grew up in a single parent home (completely absent father). and that i didn't want to raise a child that way. she turns around and tells Matt that i'm using him for sex so i can get pregnant and raise a child by myself. and despite the fact that i've been put through all kinds of hell, i'm still in love with her son and waiting (ever so patiently, hint, hint) for the next step. and she calls me a gold digger. now i ask ya, if i were a gold digger, would i wait three years to get a hold of a man who doesn't even have a whole lot of money? , would i have racked up a hefty student loan getting an education so that i wouldn't HAVE to depend on someone else ? she's says i'm worthless. yet i can swap the cylinder heads out on a 5.0 mustang with one hand tied behind my back and SHE thinks it's a big deal when she pumps gas into the car all by herself! i'm only 25, and she's pushing 50, and i've worked more years in my short life than she has her longer one, and yet she calls me worthless because i was unemployed for a short time (environmental field wasn't exactly experiencing a hiring boom after GW's inauguration, if you know what i mean?) i talk to her son just about every day. and when she talks to him it's only about politics and guns. and yet she knows more about him than i do, knows his every thought, his every desire (i really doubt that one!), his every mood. i'm manipulating, but she won't help him go to grad school, because i happen to be attending the same school. get this, her reason is that the school he wanted to attend wasn't in the top 10 for that field (it was number 11, i think). well, since he's moved she's pushing him to go to grad school now at the local university, "a really good school" for that field. it's down in the 40's national rankings. well, the list goes on and on, but i think i'm approaching the max character limit. you guys get the idea. i at least get an honorable mention.
Link Posted: 7/1/2001 8:19:44 AM EST
I have never had in-laws, but I came close when I proposed to a cute little thing who later turned out to be crazier than a lab-rat. Her parents never taught this 19 year-old cluster fVck how to drive, so I had to do it myself. Her mother had the nerve to tell me that I needed to work harder at teaching her daughter how to drive, when her dumba$$ husband (my father-in-law to be) didn't have to motivation to get the job done. I've never had a harder time keeping my mouth shut than at that moment. The poor girl was not only nuts, but was also a princess type who had never had a single responsibility in her life. I stuck with that girl for three years after that and tried to get her to seek psychological help, but she was in denial and I couldn't let her wreck my life anymore. Best decision I ever made in my life...
Link Posted: 7/1/2001 11:23:53 AM EST
I actually love my ex-in-laws. We get along great. While divorce sucks, it never turned into something between our families. In the end, my ex-wife and I made our divorce work out better than our marrige, and have successfully gone on with both our lives and rasied our children better than most married couples of today that stay together and fight all the time. My ex-in-laws have helped me in ways even after the divorce that I can never repay. They are welcome to stay at my home any time they wish, and I in there's as well. They are truly good people. Oddly enough when she remarried (I get along great with her new husband), I met his parents and we immeadiately hit if off as well. Sounds really wierd as I re-read this, but that's the way it is. Ross
Link Posted: 7/1/2001 12:00:31 PM EST
Link Posted: 7/1/2001 12:51:01 PM EST
AK2KX, It really sucks that it has to be that way. It seemed like when I was a kid either I wasn't exposed to it or the family was a tighter knit. The older I get the more I don't want anything to do with the majority of them. Time to edit my posts...lol [red]Evil-Beagles[/red]
Link Posted: 7/1/2001 5:00:15 PM EST
YES, With a passion
Link Posted: 7/1/2001 5:16:19 PM EST
I got lucky with my future in-laws. My future other half definitely got the bad end of the deal. I warned her though.
Link Posted: 7/1/2001 5:27:56 PM EST
I must have gotten lucky too. I get along with my in-laws real well....
Link Posted: 7/1/2001 5:33:40 PM EST
Hate is kind of a harsh word, but they know that they are not welcome in my home.
Link Posted: 7/1/2001 5:34:29 PM EST
I'm getting married in a month and my future in laws are kinda weird. The mother is pathological. One time when she was young she thought her sister ( my future aunt-in-law ) would choke on fish bones, so she would EAT OFF HER SISTER'S PLATE and CHEW TILL THE FOOD WAS LIQUEFIED until she knew the fish was boneless. She never wants my fiance to go anywhere but stay at home. She'll come up with a million excuses as to why she can't leave the house because she "needs" her to be around "just-in-case". While I was in college she never wanted her to fly up to see me because she thought the planes would always crash. While I was in college she never wanted her to ride a train up to see me because she thought the train would overturn and explode. While I was in college she never wanted her to ride a bus up to see me because she thought the bus would overturn and explode. And when I would fly down to see her every now and then when I was in college she wouldn't let us leave the house because she either claimed the car had a damaged part or it was raining outside! And even now when my fiance actually does get a chance to visit me before we're married, she wants her to call her every day! The woman is insane!! I hope she's not like this when I'm married because I don't want to have to block her number from our phone line!
Link Posted: 7/1/2001 8:04:19 PM EST
Originally Posted By Buddyman: I'm getting married in a month and my future in laws are kinda weird. I hope she's not like this when I'm married because I don't want to have to block her number from our phone line!
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So you think it's going to change?!?!?!?!? HAHAHAHAHAHA
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