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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 3/20/2002 3:31:46 AM EST
Awesome book. Here is the deal; Notice in most of our Bibles, the Mt. Sinai on the Sinai peninsula usually has "(traditional)" next to it. Apparently it's location was decided a few centuries ago when a queen had a vision. Also other sites on these maps will have question marks next to the names, "Marah?", "Elim?". According to the authors, most mapmakers and writers rely on older authors, and have never been to the area. Some facts that are [b]very[/b] interesting: Not found in the Sinai area: 1. Large plain where 1 million plus Hebrews could have lived. 2. Bitter springs 3. Oasis with 12 clear springs. 4. None of the features mentioned in Exodus, or any evidence of events mentioned there. What they found in Saudi Arabia: 1.Underwater land bridge made of coral over to the Sinai peninsula. 2. 30 km inland from this, large plain with many alkali springs. 3. A few more km inland, a beautiful oasis with exactly 12 clear springs. 4. A mountain that locals call the mountain of Moses. 5. 40ft tall rock, split down the middle as if by laser, with an apparent stream bed running from it. 6. All rocks and dirt on the entire top of the mountain burned black by "something". 7. Large ancient stone altar with paintings of cattle on it. 8. The remains of 12 stone pillars. And even more. After reading the book I'm convinced. I would love to see the evidence myself, but the Saudi government doesn't allow tourists. One of the authors, Bob Cornuke, is an ex-SWAT team member. I recommend the book highly. It reads like an Indiana Jones novel.
Link Posted: 3/20/2002 3:48:19 AM EST
I would love to see the evidence myself, but the Saudi government doesn't allow tourists.
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They might not allow tourists, but I bet they can't stop a satellite from taking pictures. [;)]
Link Posted: 3/20/2002 4:47:30 AM EST
That's very interesting, I'll have to check into it. We Huns are always going into other people's lands looking for something. I have a cousin, Bart LaRue, now deceased, who spent a great deal of time looking for Noah's Ark in Turkey. A film that he made in 1979, The Ark of Noah, was cited in this article:[url]http://www.grisda.org/origins/08077.htm[/url] How he would have loved looking for the true Mt. Sinai! Eric The(Investigative)Hun[>]:)]
Link Posted: 3/20/2002 7:38:05 AM EST
Here is the link to the author's web page: [url]http://www.baseinstitute.org/index.html[/url] They have many of the photos from the book on the site. With current satellite technology, they could probably find the chunks of the broken ten commandments tablets! It probably wouldn't be PC for our government to look at that stuff though. It is interesting, if you call up a map of Saudi Arabia, I couldn't find any detail anywhere. I would love to know what was in the fenced areas with guards. They didn't even try to get in those areas. They got arrested on their last trip, and almost didn't get out.
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