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I patrol sections of Mexico on a routine basis.
Link Posted: 5/20/2005 6:48:21 PM EST
[Last Edit: 5/20/2005 6:53:12 PM EST by pale_pony]
I'm from the US and work here too, but I've had the privilege to work with tech ops from many different countries over the past few years including:

Mexico - Victoria Province - A lot of heart and down-home good old boys. They drove to the US for training in a Chevy Suburban because 9 of them could fit into it and go for the cost of flying just one of them. Really not that much different from us...but they had never seen snow falling from the sky. Even more fun to party with in THEIR country.

Taiwan - Hard to understand. Never went out after classes and always stayed together. Didn't learn much from them...Smoke way too much.

England - About like us, but with funny accents. MORBIDLY UNDERFUNDED DEPARTMENTS!!! Makes me appreciate what little we have to work with here because they don't have the budget for half what we got...

Australia (their equivalent of our DEA) - Don't forget to check-in your duty weapon before heading home from the office. And don't forget to check in your ammo too, none of that goes home with you! I couldn't do the job that way...

East Timor - "Please, DO NOT use your baton on the bottoms of a suspect's feet during a routine stop!"

One thing it made me realize, the job is basically the same wherever you are and these guys have friends and families just like ours.
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