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Posted: 9/23/2004 5:15:24 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/23/2004 5:16:36 AM EDT by NAKED-GUNMAN]
Here comes Jeanne.


I guess we're going to break the Universe record now.
Link Posted: 9/23/2004 5:23:59 AM EDT
Man I am so sick of these damn things. Last weekend was the first weekend in about 2 months that was semi normal. First weekend I got to go out in the boat for a few hours of R&R.

Looks like its time to put the game face on again.
Link Posted: 9/23/2004 5:30:44 AM EDT
Link Posted: 9/23/2004 5:31:40 AM EDT
Ah, dammit...... Not AGAIN!

Dridge has the primary track projection..... KSC going to get whammed again....
Link Posted: 9/23/2004 6:11:03 AM EDT
What in the name of God is going on?

Cowboy up and get prepped..if ya'll need anything, let me know. I have some leftover items plus if anyone needs my generator, you can borrow it. It's a 6000 kw and took care of me for 6 days.

I just want this season to be over all ready!
Link Posted: 9/23/2004 6:16:58 AM EDT

Originally Posted By NAKED-GUNMAN:
What in the name of God is going on?

...the end times ?
Link Posted: 9/23/2004 7:19:33 AM EDT
This is the second time I've had to cancel a trip down to the Keys!

Here in the Tampa Bay area we have been so very fortunate in that one 'cane ducked in south of us and the other swept to the northeast. Had Charley slammed in here instead of Port Charlotte the damage would have been at least tripled due to population density.

I rebuilt/tuned up the 3.5 Kw gen set and the chain saw. Just wish the two gen sets on 'rain check' at Pepboys would come in. They're for my daughters and SILs.

It truely gets old watching over your shoulder and trying to live a normal life. Kindda like cabin fever...

Link Posted: 9/23/2004 7:22:01 AM EDT
I think God has a downer on Florida this year…… or is he trying to fix the elections?

Link Posted: 9/23/2004 7:27:57 AM EDT
Link Posted: 9/23/2004 2:03:12 PM EDT

Originally Posted By vito113:
I think God has a downer on Florida this year…… or is he trying to fix the elections?

If God is trying to fix the elections there'll be simultaneous earthquakes in LA and SF on the morning of Nov 2.
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