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Posted: 8/24/2005 11:17:28 AM EDT
Well after traveling from state to state for my company for the last 9 months I'm finally back in the office. Needless to say I'm bored to death with the office work and it mostly involves staring at my computer and shuffling papers.

So my boss, who I haven't seen in about six months, decides to stroll on down and talk to me for a bit. We started talking about the last project I was on and how things went. He asked about foreman that worked with me and was my night guy on a project. I gave him a direct answer that he probably didn't want to hear.

See my position is an odd one but in today's world a necessary one. I perform safety and environmental duties for my company and we perform construction all over the US (and world). On almost all US jobs I am either onsite or a small group of people that have training and knowledge with regards to OSHA, EPA, and other applicable rules. Like many companies my company says "safety first" which really means "safety when we're under budget and on schedule; otherwise its every man for himself."

Since the last job I was on was not under budget and not on time to begin with I had a hell of time and we incurred some injuries that could have been avoided. My #2 guy was on another job and not available for about two weeks so the superindented helped out by placing one of our brick foremen in charge of safety on night shift. Coincedentally the injuries all occurred on night shift.

The Bricklayer has been with our company as a foreman for almost 25 years. I get along with him fine but he stated to me he could give a shit about the safety and was concerned with his normal job. I agreed but explained that I needed him to perform a few simple tasks as a foreman and a safety rep. to make things right with his shift. I even stayed over a few nights to check on things but of course when I was there things were fine.

So I tell my boss I wasn't exactly happy with this foreman's performance and hoped that in the future that he would not be a part of my team. My boss agreed and was angry at the super for even suggesting this foreman. Well just out of pure dumb luck the super was in the hallway listening to the whole conversation.

While the super would not dare confront my boss (who is also his boss) he sure as hell had it out with me. He felt that becasue I had a problem with this foreman I had a problem with him. I didn't say that and explained that I was thankful that he had even given me help when I couldn't get it myself. I tried to explain my position but this super is hard headed and hot headed. His last words to me before he walked away was that "no one will ever trust you now."

Wonderful. I always heard the phrase in my company "what happens in the field, stays in the field." Unfortunately I can't just ignore blatant disregards for our company's policy which directly affects human lives and our insurance premiums. Let's also not forget that when this foreman ignored his instructions from me and someone got hurt I was the one on the chopping block not him.

I guess I am just looking to see if I made the right move. The super tried to help but gave me someone who was garbage. The super also disliked me anyway so I figure this just made my life with him a little more miserable.
Link Posted: 8/24/2005 11:19:15 AM EDT
draw down on him.

Link Posted: 8/24/2005 11:26:27 AM EDT
I would hide under the Super's desk and then... the first time he sits down -Slit- goes the Achilles tendon.

That'll at least slow that unsafe fuck down a step or two.
Link Posted: 8/24/2005 11:26:28 AM EDT
I see no problem with your actions. The problem exists with the forman and his choice of a man to be the saftey guy on second shift.
I have done saftey for my facility before and the duties are not had in the least.
I say tuff shit if he has hard feelings. You are not there to make friends but to do your job with concern as to what is best for the company.
Link Posted: 8/24/2005 11:39:44 AM EDT
Thanks for the replies.

Drawing down and slitting tendons are off of my list (although I do have my XD9 SC with me right now.)

I deal with a lot of guys who are of the "old school" which I'm sure doesn't surprise many. I have no problem with a lot of things; but when I'm told that the person I have working for/with me will handle it and they don't, I get mad. When it occurs for over a week, I get even more annoyed. When people actually get hurt because of his lack of action and I take the heat, I'm pissed.

Sorry, reality whether its good or bad is something most people can't take.
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