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Posted: 11/20/2000 10:22:08 PM EDT
I posted on the old board some tech info about blowback weapons. My training in the Army may have gaps in it; I was tought that weapons are only cycled by one of three mechanisms.

1. Manual, like a pump shotgun, M203, GE minigun, ect.

2. Gas, like an M16, Kalishnicov, Garand, M249, ect.

3. Recoil, like a 1911 pistol, M2 HB, MAC 10, ect.

Is there a class of weapons seperate for blowback, or are they a subclass of recoil operated weapons? The way I see it blowbacks are cycled by the recoil generated by the discharge of the cartridge and are a subclass of recoilers.

Am I tarded?
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