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Posted: 5/29/2001 9:43:25 AM EDT
I think (no one asked, I know) but we should be more "friendly" to each other because I'm assuming we have all come to this board because we like AR15's/M16, shooting, freedom, reloading, etc. The point being, united we stand, divided we fall. 9thdiv doc, like so you had a friend who didn't make it. NEWS FLASH, me to, but I don't cut people down today for something that happened 35 years ago, especially when you didn't seem to grasp the whole meaning behind the post to begin with. "I love you, you love me" Well, enough BS, who's going to be the first to cut into this?
Link Posted: 5/29/2001 9:51:46 AM EDT
You probably aren't the only one who's had this idea in their head. With unknown #'s of people watching us, it's not a bad idea to be, ah, shall we say, more "civilized" to one another. I've made the occasional "off-color" joke or comment, that's for sure! I'd like to think we sort of keep our own council here on AR15.com to show the "lurkers" that we are just plain old good folks with a common interest...HA!
Link Posted: 5/29/2001 10:09:51 AM EDT
*yawn* *cough* Hmm..er, huh? Did somebody say something? Huh? You want me to cut down people for old events and make off-color comments? Yeah, ok - will do. Back to sleep now. *yawn* *snore* Jewb.r..o...n...[sleep]
Link Posted: 5/29/2001 10:39:43 AM EDT
Well, alright reddog. I'll be nice to you since you're from GA. But I ain't bein' nice to no damn yankees on here.;-)
Link Posted: 5/29/2001 10:49:26 AM EDT
I don't know. If you've been surfing here for the last 3 or so years you've just about seen every thread that has to do with; What is your favorite * ? What is the best * ? Have you ever seen * ? (the latest rally of see chicks and then show none has realy made me reluctant to come here.) How do you * ? I kind of like the excitement of a good row every now and then. If 9divdoc feels that way, then let him express his views. I would still be honored to be by his side if he ever needed my help to defend his 2nd amendment rights, or any other for that matter. Just be ready to put on the nomex undies. He can take it. He's a man. Some the harshest crewlest things I ever said were to my brothers or sisters or parents, but you know what? If anybody else ever said it to them there would be hell to pay and I would be writing over drafts and to this day I am there for anyone of them.
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