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Posted: 9/26/2001 7:58:37 AM EDT
I think it is really said in this country that it seems something bad has to happen before things are done the way they should be. In this case thousands of people had to die before we as a nation start putting real security measures in place in the air. The other said part is I see people are all ready bitching! Not all of course and I myself, who travel in the air some welcome the change. But I get to sit next to these men and women who bitch about how much time it takes to board and all the work they have to doo, blah blah!!!!!!!!!! These are the people that would be cowering in the back of the plane! I hope this whole ordeal has a see's a general change in the minds of people that we need to look past, work and deadlines and to look for the good in each of us. That we start to protect our liberty instead of taking it for granted! My .02!
Link Posted: 9/26/2001 8:51:16 AM EDT
i fly and yes i'm bitching. why should i pay money to be TREATED as a potential terrorist, spend 4 hours to board a 3 hour flight, and put up with the moronic new 'security' regulations. if you want to scan my luggage, then get set up to do it efficiently for a large volume of people-they are not set up for this. taking my penknife and nail clippers-yeah, that will make a big difference-there is no proof that this will make anyone safer, and it seems that the airport employees helped smuggle those items on the planes. how do we know that the passengers on the failed PA flight didn't try to use their pocket knives to regain control of the plane. if there are MEANINGFUL security measures in place-no problem. get sky marshal's on flights, arm the cockpit crew, replace the flimsy door with a security door and cockpit walls lined with kevlar and the knowledge that the crew will not come out of the cabin for any reason, let ccw holders attend a flight safety class and carry on the plane. don't give me feel good idiot security rules that offer no protection but waste my time, and most agree that it will take a year to implement the above changes. i am an American citizen, and i resent the violation of my rights for the privilege of flying on a plane. so far, i've seen nothing that has actually increased security and made flights safer, all i see is bs rules that accomplish nothing and waste my time.
Link Posted: 9/26/2001 6:25:34 PM EDT
"TREATED as a potential terrorist", "moronic new 'security' regulations", "if you want to scan my luggage, then get set up to do it efficiently for a large volume of people-they are not set up for this". Well as for the first comment, maybe you should travel over seas where they have had similar events,(not quite as devastating) where they need to treat everyone as a "potential threat". Unfortunately, as we have seen with McVey or the IRA, not all terrorists are dark skinned with dark hair. The second, well give it time, it's not been two weeks yet and we as a nation are to be set up for the kind of security measures we need. Please! Moronic, well maybe they seem that way, but they may save some lives, I think that is more important. If it bothers you so much, maybe you could try other forms of travel, Hmmm a car? How about the train? Hell spend around $4000 bucks and learn to fly a plane, and for roughly the same price you can fly yourself to your destinations:) No security hassles there. Oh, and I would rather not see a gun battle between myself and terrorrists on an airplane. I'm a good shot, but I don't trust myself on a pressurized airplane:)
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