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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 12/19/2001 5:06:15 PM EST
I am thinking of getting cable internet access from adelphia cable. Anyone got this? Its alot cheaper than dsl. And from what the rep said, its just as fast as dsl if not faster. 1.5 meg down and between 276k and 1 meg up. Whats a good modem to buy? He said something about a tech would have to install the software and stuff. But hell, i can do that. Any info on this would be great. Thanks
Link Posted: 12/19/2001 5:19:44 PM EST
They just came into my area about six months ago. The first three to four months were pretty shaky as far as stability goes. The connection would drop (requireing the modem to be reset) 5-6 time a day. This has improved dramatically in the last couple of months, I hardly ever get dropped now. The speed has always been pretty good, although I do not see 1.5 Mbs consistantly. I usually hover around 700-800K or so, which is still pleanty fast enough. I do see burst trans fers of over 1 meg quite often. My only real complaint is the tech support. Calls to tech support are a real painful experience. Usually a 40 min wait or so to speak to someone who know less than I do about their system. If you do need to have someone come out, you often have to pester them to actually get the guy to show up. Overall they are pretty good.
Link Posted: 12/19/2001 5:23:35 PM EST
[Last Edit: 12/19/2001 5:32:51 PM EST by MissedAgain]
Orion, I got Adelphia cable access about four months ago here in VA. The 1.5meg figure is [i]very[/i] optimistic. the fastest I've ever gotten is around 1.3 - 1.4, and that was at two in the morning. Most of the time (especially during the "Peak" evening hours) I get anywhere from 150K to 600K. We have had quite a few outages as well. For the last three weeks, I've been able to receive E-Mail, but not send it. Now they have that problem fixed, but I haven't gotten any download speeds over 150K since. The next county down from me is raising heck with the county board of supervisors because their service is so bad. they want the board to kick Adelphia out altogther (not likely, we went through that last year when their franchise was up for renewal. Adelphia fixed most everything in the months leading up to the board vote and then said "what bad service? Everything's fixed". Adelphia has a website where you can check the system status in your area. [url][/url] I suggest that you spend some time monitoring it to see if the service in your area is OK or not. All of that being said - I could [b]never[/b] go back to dialup. Dependable as all get-out, but toooooo sloooowwww.... I'd never be able to stand it. The installation is simple. Adelphia supplied the modem, plug it in, hook up the coax to the modem (I used a splitter), hook a RJ45 patch cable (supplied) to the NIC card in the computer (supplied), call Adelphia Tech Support and 10 minutes later you're done !!! HTH Edited to add link -MA
Link Posted: 12/19/2001 11:43:52 PM EST
If their cablenet service sucks as much as their cable TV service I'd have to give getting cablenet a big 2 thumbs and a big toe down.
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