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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/11/2001 3:25:00 PM EST
Now is the time for us to make our voices heard. Today we lost hundreds, of not THOUSANDS, of American lives in an attack which will no doubt rival that of Pearl Harbor. We lost 2,400 Americans in the attack at Pearl and I fear today we lost far more. We can not let the war criminals some call "terrorists" hide behind the veil of anonymity this time. We can not let those countries which these bastards call "home" go unpunished. We must make it VERY CLEAR that those who harbor these criminals will be guilty by association and will be punished accordingly. Today I ask you all to call your Congressmen, write your local papers and tell your fellow workers it is time for us to deal a decisive blow to those who attack our home and our people. It is time for war. If Afghanistan is the country where Bin Laden is hiding, then we invade and destroy ALL vestiges of his group. We must target military targets in Afghanistan and remove them with surgical precision. We must commit ground forces to finish the job which must be done. Russia, China and NATO have all condemned this cowardly act. It is time we all pull together to strike with overwhelming force and send the message that such acts will NOT be tolerated. Even if the "terrorists" aren't swayed by the threat of retaliation, the governments who give them safe harbor will be. No government will allow these groups to operate within their borders if they know the result will be total annihilation of their assets by our armed forces as punishment. Please, act now to let our leaders know we must not hesitate. Now is not the time for indecision or "moderate and calculated responses"; now is the time for war.
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