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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 11/9/2001 5:18:34 PM EST
[Last Edit: 11/9/2001 5:25:41 PM EST by RevoltNow]
Here's a gift for you military rifle fans who can appreciate the older rifles ;) [i] Here are some links to sites dedicated to various older military firearms. This list is currently very crude, its in its early phases and I will make additions and alterations as needed. Please let me know of any dead links or other problems. If you have links you would like to add, please post them here, in my rifle forum, or email me at revoltnow_@hotmail.com Hopefully, we can put the best heads together from several boards and come up with a very comprehensive list. Please feel free to include links to any kind of Military firearms new or old, handgun, machinegun, musket, whatever.. lets see those small arms links baby! (these are mostly older firearms as this post began in the "manual loading rifle forum") BTW> Could someone post this for me on Assault Web and Frugal Forums? Since I am not allowed to do so hehe.. [/i] [img]http://www.stopstart.fsnet.co.uk/Gif/SPanikengun.gif[/img] Thanks, RN [b] Austria[/b] http://www.alltel.net/~randyric/ http://www.alltel.net/~randyric/collect.htm http://www.alltel.net/~randyric/rm1895.htm http://www.gunboards.com/forums/UltraBoard.cgi?action=Headlines&BID=13&SID=220739 [b] Belgium[/b] http://www.halcyon.com/jlandry/firearms/FN49.html http://www.browning.com/services/compinfo/info/timeline.htm [b] Chechloslovakia[/b] http://home1.gte.net/rlukes/ http://home1.gte.net/paul52/czech.htm http://www.isoc.net/tdc/ http://www.oldrifles.com/Czech.htm http://www.geocities.com/pentagon/base/4417/czechdatasheet.html [b] England[/b] www.umr.edu/~sean/enfield.html http://www.geocities.com/smlemk3/ http://www.geocities.com/lee_enfield_rifles/ http://www.ishapur.com/ http://www.geocities.com/commandervarun/smallarms/smallarms.html http://www.geocities.com/lee_enfield_rifles/ http://www.researchpress.co.uk/firearms/lee.htm http://www.oldrifles.com/English.htm http://www.geocities.com/Pentagon/Quarters/1106/ http://www.uidaho.edu/~stratton/en-page.html http://www.alaska.net/~asmle/digest.html http://www.303british.com/ http://www.uidaho.edu/~stratton/resource.htm www.uidaho.edu/~stratton/en-page.html http://hem.bredband.net/b102212/wbystory.html [b] France[/b] http://www.teleport.com/~ldddad/MAS36.htm http://www.netaphore.com/guns/index.html http://proofhouseinc.com/translation.htm http://www.oldrifles.com/French.htm http://w3.one.net/~melchar/75french/ http://www.io.com/~pogue/France.htm http://www.geocities.com/Pentagon/Barracks/9312/weapons.html [b][red]Pt2 http://www.ar15.com/forums/topic.html?id=68628 [/b][/red]
Link Posted: 11/9/2001 5:29:58 PM EST
HEHEHE.. :D Well, hold onto your rifle because that list had to be chopped up into 4 pieces to fit on this BBS! Enjoy your weekend ;) Revolt Now
Link Posted: 11/9/2001 6:19:27 PM EST
I have been looking at these sites for over three hours now. Thanks
Link Posted: 11/9/2001 6:59:20 PM EST
Originally Posted By red man: I have been looking at these sites for over three hours now. Thanks
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Your welcome. My next one will be for modern military rifles :) But Its going to have to wait because I doubt I will have much time this weekend to put it together. I'm glad you enjoyed it [img]http://www.stopstart.fsnet.co.uk/smilie/cheers.gif[/img] REVOLT NOW
Link Posted: 11/10/2001 2:08:10 AM EST
[Last Edit: 11/10/2001 2:11:13 AM EST by GunnyG]
Originally posted by RevoltNow: A GIFT TO AR15.COM MEMBERS Part II [url]http://www.ar15.com/forums/topic.html?id=68628[/url] Part III [url]http://www.ar15.com/forums/topic.html?id=68629[/url] Part IV [url]http://www.ar15.com/forums/topic.html?id=68630[/url]
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Edited to put them all together w/ working links and to say... [red][size=6]Happy 226th Birthday, my fellow Marines![/size=6][/red]
Link Posted: 11/10/2001 6:11:56 AM EST
Thanks GunnyG!.. I tried to post them all as one post (along with my intro) I was caught off-guard having to divide them up. Revolt
Link Posted: 11/10/2001 1:40:55 PM EST
RevoltNow, Thanks for the links. BTW where did you get that Kenny GIF???
Link Posted: 11/10/2001 8:05:02 PM EST
[Last Edit: 11/10/2001 7:58:55 PM EST by RevoltNow]
Originally Posted By Steve: RevoltNow, Thanks for the links. BTW where did you get that Kenny GIF???
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Your Welcome, [url]http://www.stopstart.fsnet.co.uk/[/url] They have a bunch of fun GIFs on that site :)
Link Posted: 11/12/2001 2:00:14 PM EST
[Last Edit: 11/12/2001 1:53:48 PM EST by RevoltNow]
I fixed a link www.k98k.com (German Mausers) I had forgot the intial K in the address. I also added some additional Italian rifle links. Enjoy. BTW> Please, if you have any links, post them in my rifle forum and I will add them to the list. [url]http://pub32.ezboard.com/ftexasmilitiaorgforumsfrm4[/url] (including modern stuff, handguns, machine guns, etc.) Thanks! RN [img]http://www.stopstart.btinternet.co.uk/sm/notworthy.gif[/img]
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