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Posted: 10/8/2004 7:19:12 PM EDT
There have been many rumors flying about ARM USA going out of business. These rumors are not true at all so please don't pass it on. he.

If you've been to ARM USA, you know we sell all the top quality long range rifle systems, from Accuracy International and Sako to Remington and Sigarms. If you never made it to our State college location, then you missed one hell of a store. Ask anyone who has been there. You can see a Virtual Tour af ARM USA here: www.50bmgstore.com/virtualtour.htm

So, NO, we're not going anywhere. We would really appreciate if you would tell your friends about our new store too, once it's opened up next week. hank
Let me give you a little bit of background first...
When ARM USA opened in 1999, we shared the shopping center with a carpet store and a furniture store. Needless to say, those places weren't swarming with customers, and we pretty much had all the parking we could have ever wanted. About a year after we moved in, the carpet place went BK and parking was even better! Until the bike shop moved in, that is. hen (And those were people who already knew what cool toys we carried!)

Anyhow, when the bike shop said they wanted to expand, we jumped on the chance to get out of that lease early and look for antoher place. After all, it was heading into the slow season of 2003, so why not? Well, we had a place lined up to move and about a week before the move, that landlord refused to make changes to some terms of the lease which I felt were unacceptable. So we didn't sign the lease and we had to move out of the State College location, because we had already signed it over to the bike shop.

We tried finding other places, but so many landlords ran scared when they heard "guns" - Ooh, evil guns! So we put most everything in storage, looked some more, had no luck then looked at our original landlord's properties again. We settled on a smaller location at Orangethorpe and Lemon, in Anaheim.

So, here we are, 5 months later (it's been anything but a vacation!) and we will be opening up the new place one day next week. hesubscribe@ARMUSA.com.

Anyhow, we are working feverishly to get the new place open! h.gif That is why we are not publicizing the address - we need to get the place done and open so we can sell a buttload of 50s before the ban takes effect!!! (You can see all the 50s we offer here: www.50bmgstore.com/50bmgcurrentprices.htm

The main reason for this post is to say "We're baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!" I know a lot pf people have been waiting for this day to come and it's finally here. We really appreciate everyone who had faith in us and knew that we are stand up folks, true to our word. We said we'd be back and the time is now. For those who believed, a big FAT heartfelt THANKS to you!!!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE - PASS ON THE GOOD NEWS TO YOUR FRIENDS!!! We look forward to seeing you at the new store.

Jolynne and Frank
Anaheim, CA 92801


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