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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 6/26/2001 4:37:49 AM EST
Despite the declarations of Al Gore and Colin Powell, I'm not convinced that AIDS is a threat to America's national security. Why would it be? Is AIDS going to cripple our armed forces? No. Is AIDS going to destabilize Mexico or Canada? No. Are AIDS-infected mosquitoes (if there were any) going to fly over from Africa and infect Americans [i]en masse[/i]? No. So what's the threat? Certainly, AIDS is devastating many of the countries in Africa, but those countries are already suffering from poverty, disease and political instability. And aside from supplying raw materials for American industry, those countries don't have much impact on America's national security anyway. If we're going to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on a global war against AIDS, let's acknowledge that we're doing it for humanitarian reasons and not pretend that it's a matter of "national security".
Link Posted: 6/26/2001 5:09:53 AM EST
Link Posted: 6/26/2001 5:51:31 AM EST
If the idiots in Africa ( New York, San Francisco, Chicago ,etc.. ) kept their pants on, there would be no problem. It like blaming the Phoenix sun in July for getting a sunburn - horseshit, you knew the risks and now your paying with your life. Was it worth it? I'll be dammed if some of my money goes for research for a behavioral based disease that could be easily eradicated if people stopped the wrong behavior. Rant off.
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[Last Edit: 6/26/2001 6:12:32 AM EST by motoguzzi]
Ask your parents, or grandparents,who were alive in the 1900-1945 time frame about venereal disease. Until the accidental discovery of Penicillin if you got Syphilis you were doomed to insanity and a slow death, just like Al Capone and countless others. The "cure" was simple, keep your pants on and only sleep with your spouse. It is a symptom of modern society that no one wants to accept the consequences of their own irresponsible actions and demand they be taken care of by the nanny state. The survivors will be those who figure it out. Maybe it is a threat to AlGore since the nanny stateist mentality appeals to democRATS?, they're losing their constituants.
Link Posted: 6/26/2001 6:41:57 AM EST
I will give the AIDS activists credit for one thing: they put on a good show when they mix it up with the animal rights activists. [:)] BTW, isn't the "Silence = Death" campaign ironic? The activists denounce "silence", but they themselves are silent about the sort of behaviours that put people at risk. I've never seen them carrying signs that say "Promiscuous Anal Sex = Death" or "Needle Swapping = Death".
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