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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 5/30/2003 4:42:41 PM EST
So, i get home today and check the mail, and right there on top of all the other mail is a package from the ACLU. Out of curiosity, I open the envelope, curious as to what they have to say. Inside, they tell me all about how my rights granted to me by the Bill of Rights are being ripped away from me as every day goes on, and that they are the first and only front line defense to keeping those rights. They then go on to talk about how the Bush administration is using the Patriot Act to rip our rights away, and still pretend that we have them. This, according to them, is completely illegal, since the Bill of Rights was indeed written to outline and protect the rights of the citizens from their governments. They desperately need money, and if you donate, will you please proudly carry their card around, proving that you indeed are a card-carrying member of the ACLU? Now, I actually support the supposed position of the ACLU, and I do agree that our rights are being, and in fact have been, ripped away faster than an X-plane going Mach 7. Imagine how wonderful a thing it is, a powerful organization devoted solely to the protection of the Bill of Rights, the citizens protection against the government making illegal laws. I would instantly and proudly support any organization such as this. As a Libertarian, I believe that people should be left alone to do as they will, as long as their immediate action or activity does not infringe on me, I don't care what they do. How great an idea is it to have an ACLU to protect MY civil rights? So, I start to look at their web site, as I haven't in quite some time. I have NEVER heard them say anything about my right to own guns, but hey, maybe they have changed....hmmm....hey, everyone can. So I do a search for gun control...guess what? They have decided to remain neutral, but believe that the 2nd ammendment supports the state's right to bear arms, not the people. But wait a minute, they have argued that the Bill of Rights is a document meant solely for the protection of the citizens against the government, so then how can they support the idea that a document meant solely for the citizens contains a right for the government? Isn't that what the Constitution was for, to outline the rights and privileges of the governments? They claim that if the 2nd Amendment was for the citizens to be able to rise up against their tyrannical government, that this would confer on the people the right to own bazookas and nukes, but everyone would agree that this is not the case, and the Amendment does not mention the right to own these things, only arms. Therefore, it cannot possibly be meant for the people. How can anyone argue this position with a straight face? Back in the late 1700's, no one knew what a bazooka was, much less a nuke. Back then, the most powerful weapons were cannons and rifles, so it can be said that since they said arms, and not rifles, that they meant for the people to even own cannons if they so chose. In fact, the early government did not confiscate cannons owned by private citizens, backing up the claim that yes, the 2nd amendment did indeed mean for the citizens to own arms, and didn't just mean simple arms. I truly believe that if they had bazookas in those days, our founding fathers would indeed have meant for those to be owned by citizens. They were afraid of ALL government, and the state government fell into that category just as much as the federal did. All in all, I must say, that I am VERY disappointed with the ACLU. Their refusal to support the 2nd Amendment, in my mind, completely refutes their claim to be the defense of the people. How can they agrue that it is ok to make people register their weapons and be denied others when they also argue that welfare freeloaders should not be required to take drug tests, or should not be forced off of the payroll after 2 years. 2 years!!?? Am I the only one to see this contradiction in terms? I consider myself neither a conservative nor a liberal, but a person who believes in passive government who lets everyone be, only stepping in when absolutely necessary. I am the person who should be one of the ACLU's most ardent supporters, but instead I have been so disgusted with their own double standard, that I can't even support their other causes.
Link Posted: 5/30/2003 4:47:15 PM EST
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Link Posted: 5/30/2003 4:55:13 PM EST
I ran to an ACLU member when I was in PRK .She was trying to get me to join.I told her I am a NRA member and she just gave me a funny look and walk away.
Link Posted: 5/30/2003 5:36:20 PM EST
I wonder how many members the ACLU has. I bet that if we "Meaning Gun Nuts" all joined we could take over that organization and make it right. Hmmm.. Have you ever met Tyler Durden?
Link Posted: 5/31/2003 5:03:07 AM EST
There are people who are members of both the ACLU and the NRA. As long as the ACLU keeps telling us that the right to keep and bear arms is a collectivist fantasy, I will never join.
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