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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/16/2001 6:41:27 PM EST
Tomorrow from 7am to noon and repeated at 1pm to 6pm are 5 episodes of Tales of the Gun. U.S. guns of WW II Guns of the sky The Luger Ten guns that changed the world Gangster guns of the 20's and 30's Sorry for the late notice, but I just found out myself. csx76
Link Posted: 9/16/2001 7:12:28 PM EST
Here' a link to the History Channel programming schedule: [url]http://www.historychannel.com/ontv/index.html[/url] Once you're there just do a search on "Tales of the gun"
Link Posted: 9/17/2001 11:26:38 AM EST
Was there ever an episode on the HK line of assault rifles (cetme on up)?
Link Posted: 9/17/2001 12:24:03 PM EST
I did this list a couple months ago. It's all the TOTG by (my own) categories: Guns N People ---------------- Guns of Valor Four Congressional Medal of Honor winners recall their experiences in battle. The Gunslingers Unbutton your holster and get ready for a quick-draw frenzy in this look at the legendary shooters of the Old West. Gangster Guns of the 20s & 30s Tales of Bonnie & Clyde and the Brady Gang highlight this profile of the weapons that blasted their way into American folklore. Women and Guns From Annie Oakley to today, this is a surprising look at the history of firearms and the fairer sex. Specific Manufacturers ---------------------- Guns of Colt From the .45 to the "Peacemaker" trace the history of the legendary guns that blasted their way into history. Guns of Remington TALES OF THE GUN takes aim at America's oldest firearms maker in this comprehensive film. Guns of Smith & Wesson See how the partnership of two visionaries created some of the most storied weapons in history. Guns of Winchester The man behind one of the most famous guns in history started his career as a shirt maker! The Guns of Browning Explore the legacy of the man considered the greatest gunmaker in history. Guns of the Mauser Here is the story of the single most important military shoulder arm in history. Guns of Beretta For five centuries, one Italian company has created some of the world's most famous weapons.
Link Posted: 9/17/2001 12:24:17 PM EST
War Guns / Police ----------------- U.S. Guns of World War II From Asian jungles to the Western Front, go into battle with the weapons that preserved freedom. Tales of the Gun: Guns of the Revolution From the 13 colonies to the mountains of Cuba, these are the weapons that helped rewrite history. Japanese Guns of WWII See how pride, a sense of invincibility, and an arsenal of clumsy, complicated weapons contributed to the Japan's defeat. Guns of the Civil War Ominously foreshadowing the horrors of World War I, the guns of the Civil War were the first modern weapons. 50 mins. Guns of the Commandos Here is the high-powered history of these specialized soldiers and their awesome weapons. Sharpshooters and Long Range Weapons Stare through the crosshairs of the most accurate firearms ever made. Guns of the Russian Military The curator of the St. Petersburg Artillery Museum leads a private tour through its extensive collection. Guns of the U.S. Mounted Cavalry Ride into battle with some of the most storied fighters in history. Guns of the British Military The "Brown Bess" and Enfield are among the legendary weapons that helped create and preserve the greatest Colonial Empire. Police Guns From tense standoffs to a tour of museums where old armaments are preserved, this is a fascinating look at the weapons used by the police. Guns of the Orient Get the complete story behind Turkish long guns, Southeast Asian small bored cannons and more. Guns of Israel Combat footage highlights this look at the weapons deployed by the Jewish state. Specific Guns ---------------- The AK-47 See a rare interview with the inventor of one of the world's deadliest and most coveted guns. The Tommy Gun This is the definitive look at the gun that shot its way into legend in the hands of the most infamous gangsters in history. The Luger The editor of "Guns and Ammo" helps chronicle the history of the most influential sidearm ever made. German Small Arms of WWII Germany's stealthy quest to re-arm led to the creation of some of the most infamous names in the history of the gun. Tales of the Gun: The M-16 Gerald McRaney hosts this look at the most important firearm of the 20th century.
Link Posted: 9/17/2001 12:24:45 PM EST
History / Lists ---------------- Ten Guns That Changed The World Our experts count down the 10 most important guns in history. Early Guns Trace the surprising, 800-year era from the discovery of gunpowder to the refinement of the flintlock musket. On Gun Types ------------ Early Machine Guns: Advent of Rapid Firepower From the very first rapid-fire gun to World War I, trace the development of one of the deadliest weapons on earth. Dueling Pistols See some of the most beautiful weapons ever made and learn the formal rules that governed their use. The Rifle For centuries, they have been the essential artillery weapons, improving with each new generation of soldiers. Automatic Pistols Trace the development of the controversial weapons at the heart of today's debate over gun control. Rapid Firepower From World War I to modern weapons that can fire up to 6000 rounds a minute, this is the definitive look at machine guns. Shotguns From its high-class origins to its many uses today, here is the complete history of this ubiquitous weapon Revolvers of Europe From powder and musketballs to the guns of the World Wars, this is a fascinating look at the history of European gunsmiths. Oddities --------- Guns of the Bizarre The most unusual, inventive and flat-out weird firearms ever made star in this look at the outer reaches of the gunmaker? art. Shots Heard 'Round the World Examine the gun that killed Mahatma Gandhi in this third look at some of history's most notorious artifacts. Infamous Guns From the six-shooters of the Old West's outlaws to the weapons used by assassins, this is a dramatic look at the guns that changed history. Guns of Infamy, part 2 Here are the stories of the weapons and men behind some of the most notorious crimes of the century. Magnificent Failures From visionary weapons with fatal flaws to improbable creations that were never fired, this is an intriguing look at the guns that history left behind Guns of the Famous Get an up-close look at weapons owned by Napoleon, Wild Bill Hickok, Teddy Roosevelt and more. Million Dollar Guns Tour private collections to see the most valuable guns ever made. Stretching It -------------- Rockets and Missiles Footage from the Gulf War highlights the incredible precision and deadliness of these weapons. Guns of the Sky Visit Nellis Air Force base to witness the historic "Red Flag" flights in this fascinating look at airborne weaponry. Naval Guns Get up close with some of the largest guns ever made--the massive weapons that give meaning to the concept of "sea power." Misc. ------- Super Guns of Today and Tomorrow It seems ironic, but could advances in gun technology make the world a safer place? The Making of a Gun Go inside the Beretta factory for an up-close look at how guns are made. Bullets and Ammo Here is the story of the most important moving parts in the history of firearms.
Link Posted: 9/17/2001 12:56:07 PM EST
I wish my wife would let me have cable. [>(] On the other hand, she gives me [sex] and lets me [pistol] and [shotgun] without a lot of [argue] .
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