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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 7/21/2001 11:53:00 AM EST
I just bought one, local store had one ($699.00) I already have one bushie with a 24" bbl,(God, this thing is soooo LIGHT!) I realize there will be some loss of accuracy due to the barrel legnth, typically, what can I expect from this rifle at 100 yds,and what weight bullets work with it? I have on hand, 62gr ss-109's and 55gr fmj's both surplus,I'll be using WC-846 powder Comments?
Link Posted: 7/21/2001 12:45:02 PM EST
While I don't have a bushy, I did build a 16" with a Colt LW barrel and a Cav arms lower, the upper is a slick sided flat top from Fed arms. Any way for 5 shot groups at 100 yards I get 1.3" groups with the red dot, and 62 grain Wolf ammo, and .9" with 55 grn Rem yellow box FMJ. I have to let the barrel cool between groups. I have less than 2000 rounds through it so will try and report results at 5000 rounds and see how it holds out. Rew
Link Posted: 7/21/2001 12:48:38 PM EST
Ive got a Bushy "Shorty Ak", which is actually a 14.5" barrel with an AK 74 style muzzle break which makes it 16".....So far I have only tried PMC 55gr fmj, Winchester 55gr fmj, Remington 55gr fmj and soft point, and UMC 55gr fmj.... Best results for me have been with the PMC, (although I do want to try some 62gr stuff sometime to see how it works.) My rifle seems to do just fine at 100 yrds, shooting through A1 rear sights I can shoot 2.5" without too much effort. If you Zero it at 25yds it may shoot a little high at 100yds though,....Im thinking about zeroing mine at 50yds to see what happens..........Im sure you will be happy with your new rifle
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