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Posted: 3/13/2001 7:46:15 PM EDT
The Vortex claims 100% reduction of muzzle flash.  Why does'nt the standard A2, Phantom, etc. work as well (if the Vortex works as claimed)?  Also, it was my understanding that the only way to eliminate flash totally was to put a can on the end of your barrel.  I know some powders produce more flash, so how can the Vortex eliminate flash?
Link Posted: 3/13/2001 8:05:40 PM EDT
Col. Santose or somebody tested them and the Vortex worked best followed by the Phantom and the A2. There was another I'm not familiar with that did well but I can't remember. The job of the modern FS is twofold: 1. reducing flash on your side to protect your night vision and keep your NVG from shutting down. 2. reduce the flash signature visible to your enemy downrange whom yer shootin' at. It does so by disrupting and dispersing the flow of combustible gases as they leave the barrel behind the bullet, sort of like blowing out a blowtorch.
Link Posted: 3/13/2001 8:15:22 PM EDT
Soldier Of Fortune magazine tested a lot of flash-supressors and ranked Vortex #1 (over even Phantom). I have a Vortex on a 16" AR and it works GREAT!!! Flash mostly GONE.
If you put one on a AR pistol, sorry, can't help ya.
Keep in mind that the worst supressor works very well, too. A Bic lighter makes more flame than my 2nd gen. birdcage on a 16" AR!
Vortex is sharp and can be used as a kind of bayonet- it WILL cut. If you opt for the Vortex BE SURE to get a Smith Enterprises Vortex- they invented it and theirs is very durable (there are too many knock-off "Vortex" supressors breaking and giving the real Vortex a bad name. Get the Smith Vortex- it shouldn't fail you.
Link Posted: 3/13/2001 8:34:25 PM EDT
Link Posted: 3/13/2001 9:46:08 PM EDT
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