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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 12/29/2001 6:40:42 AM EST
between a Colt 1911A1 and a 1991A1?
also, are the new Colt Commander XSE's any good (ie worth the price...)


Link Posted: 12/29/2001 7:02:39 AM EST
A Colt 1911A1 is a series 70 type without the internal firing pin block. A Colt 1991A1 is a series 80 type with an internal firing block.
Link Posted: 12/29/2001 8:54:45 AM EST
You have 3 types basically, Your typical "O" frame pistol. ie. The US Army pistols and all pre 70 series pistols. Then you have the 70 series, they have a collet bushing, which in theory is a good idea, 80s series go back to a solid bushing and firing pin safety and some of those famous plastics also CNC built.
Link Posted: 12/29/2001 9:15:24 AM EST
The Colt 1991 does not have some of the cosmetic refinements of the fancier 1911s. The 1991 comes with a 7 rnd mag, has the standard spur hammer, no flared ejection port, arched mainspring housing, smallish front/rear sight, matte finish.
Link Posted: 12/29/2001 9:38:46 AM EST
Colt M1911 hasn't been made since the mid 1920s and he M1911A1 not since WW2. These are US military sidearms.

Commercial "Government Models" typically mimic the M1911 and M1911A1 and later models have tricks like firing pin interlocks, etc.

The M1911 and it's sisters is probably the most "tricked out" pisol every produced. Just look in any Brownells catalog to see the hundreds of accessories and "improved" parts available.

If you want a combat pistol a genuine M1911A1 is hard to beat.

-- Chuck
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