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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 1/20/2002 10:40:34 PM EST
my father n law gave me several boxes of ammo this weekend..wantto know if ant=y cartridge collectors might want it or should i just shoot uo ..i have 2 boxes of 50 .45 ammo marked PISTOL BALL CALIBER .45 M1911..manufactured by "frankford arsenal" and head stamped F A 43 ammo is brass cased not steel and the boxes are in vgood shape .the ammo is still very clean and only just startingto loose a little of the "shinyness" of the brass and copper. he also gove me several hundred rounds of .30 carbine some are "western cartridege company" andare head stamped WCC 43. the other is marked "LAKE CITY ORDNANCE PLANT" and are head stamped L C 4
all the ammo is bright and shiny that i have looked at and we fired a box of the lake city stuff,all fired with no problems, in my new ROCKOLA m1 carbine that he gave me.. : ) .. he was "allowed " to keep it after 25 yrs in the navy..i'm not gonna argue with the man i f any one has an interest in thisstuff let me know
john in houston
ps he also gave me his kabar fighting knife which shows much use butno abuse ..i ws amazed to find it razor sharp afterall these yrs stord in his walk in gun safe
Link Posted: 1/21/2002 7:33:45 PM EST
On a related note,

A couple months ago I picked up a large metal can of .45 ammo for practice use. The can has "11,43 Cartridge Pistol Ball Brass Case" stenciled on the top. I grabbed the big can opener and broke it open today and the ammo is mixed with headstamps "WCC 42", "FA 42", "R A 42", and "WRA 45AC" in that order. Probably 50% is WCC and maybe 5% is WRA.

I put 4 boxes (168 rounds) through my Kimber as part of my commemoration of Saint John's birthday today. Accuracy was acceptable but not great and it did go bang with each pull of the trigger. The powder burned remarkably clean with surprisingly little residue. Noticably less recoil than the 230gr Hydrashoks I was also shooting.
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