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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 12/19/2001 6:21:59 PM EST
I am thinking of getting a 45 Super barrel for my 1911, anyone ver try it?
Link Posted: 12/19/2001 6:46:12 PM EST
Haven't tried shooting .45 Super out of a regular 1911.

Have shot a bit out of my Springfield Longslide .45 Super.

It's a hoot! Some standard 1911s can take it, with a stronger spring. Some can't.
Link Posted: 12/20/2001 4:59:30 AM EST

Originally Posted By TheWind:
I am thinking of getting a 45 Super barrel for my 1911, anyone ver try it?

I'd change the recoil spring assembly first. The barrels are the same. The recoil spring must be able to decelerate the slide from the extra velocity imparted on it by the more powerful round.

I'm getting the stuff together for a .45 Super 1911 on a Caspian frame and slide. I'm going to compensate it, which will allow me to use a lighter recoil spring.

You might check out www.acecustom45.com as they are the "King" of .45 Super conversions.
Link Posted: 12/20/2001 8:27:13 AM EST
Thanks Guys, I was wondering about how much gunbsmithing is required. I have a COlt series 70, I don't want to do anything to change it.
Link Posted: 12/20/2001 8:58:19 AM EST
You need a little more than just a barrel and springs. The barrel will be a ramped model, requiring machining of the frame. You could get by without a ramped barrel but feeding with anything outher than roundnosed ball will be iffy.

Do not even think about using a standard or "throated" barrel. Any barrel that does not support the web of the case cannot be used with Super loads.

ALWAYS replace the firing pin rebound spring with the matched heavier model.

Reloading for this is almost a must unless you just shoot a few boxes a year. I currently use N-350 and Bluedot for mine. Start out under the maximum for .45 ACP loads and work up to published ACTUAL velocities for the bullet you are using unless you encounter pressure signs before reaching it.

Every gun is different and YMMV considerably. Remember, you have a "bastard cartridge" as far as SAAMI is concerned. Any problems you have are yours, not Gary Hindleman's,Ace's Custom, Triton Cartridge's (no longer licensed for Super)or SAAMI.

I will say its quite fun to shoot. People at the range think its a little .45 ACP until an 18" tongue of blue flame erupts from the muzzle and a concussion of a .44 Mag face-spanks them.

The RSO puts me at a special position so brass policing isn't a PITA.
Link Posted: 12/20/2001 9:29:23 AM EST
Some of the guys over on Glocktalk are putting Jarvis barrels in their 21's, installing a 24# recoil spring, and blasting away with .45 Supers. The 1911 is a little different though. That's why I am planning to have a compensator on mine. It takes a lot of stress off the frame.
The recoil assembly from Ace is two springs plus a special buffer - adds up to like 30 something pounds!
The chamber support problem is not what it used to be. With dedicated .45 Super brass, the case is much thicker in the web and shoulder to handle the extra pressure.

The nice thing about converting to Super is you can still shoot .45's, .45 +P, .45 Super "Tactical", and .45 Super all out of the same gun. Pretty neat. Kind of like a .38/.357 or .44/.44 mag or .45LC/.454 situation. Everything from target practice with ball to full house magnum loads in the same gun. "Powder puff" bullseye loads probably won't cycle the action, but everything else should. Even if it doesn't, just change out the recoil spring assembly and it will.

I'm still studying all I can about it before I embark on my Super build. I have a Caspian ramped frame and slide, and I just bought a couple of ramped 6" extended barrels which will allow threading and installing a compensator. I may buy a barrel and recoil rod and spring and experiment with the Super in my Glock 21 to get familiar with it, and reloading it, before I build the 1911.

18" muzzle flash! That's cool I bet! And WHACK! the muzzle blast must be terrific!
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