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Posted: 6/2/2002 8:12:15 AM EDT
I'm just curious, how come there is a .22 mag if there is so much empty space in the .22lr for more powder?

Couldn't a hbar .22 handle the increased pressure from more powder in the round?

Just curious if anyone knew.

Link Posted: 6/2/2002 9:19:29 AM EDT
Same reason the .357mag & .44mag are longer than their brothern: older guns aren't built to handle the extra pressure. Should one shoot a hopped up .22LR in great-grandad's old shingle shot, it wouldn't be very safe!

Unfortunately mfgrs have to factor in various "idiot factors" when designing new calibers & ammo.
Link Posted: 6/2/2002 10:06:40 AM EDT
That is why you notice that the various hyper velocity 22s out there say that they should only be used in modern firearms in good working order.
Link Posted: 6/2/2002 12:18:48 PM EDT
I do understnd the idiot factor, but even the hyper-velocity ar not even half full, and they sacrifice bullet weight for velocity.

I need to start rloading my own .22 (j/k)

Link Posted: 6/2/2002 1:12:37 PM EDT
Squirrells with long claws live here in GA, personally I'd shoot them with a .45acp if it were legal!!!

.22lr Aguila Maximun Velocity 1800fps 215 FtLbsE

.22WMR CCI MAXI-MAGS+v 2200fps    345FtLbsE

When You are talking about a squirrel at point blank range that can be hit in the head and stay stuck to the tree... Velocity/energy is everything!!!
Link Posted: 6/2/2002 7:11:31 PM EDT
Sounds like those squirrels need a 22-3!
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