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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 9/15/2003 3:56:14 PM EDT
Alright, i got a few minutes so i figured i'd write up a quick review on this nifty little piece of gear:
First of all, i'd rate it a 10 as far as concept, but probably a 7/10 for actual execution.
The zephyr system is the "HK" style sight for 10/22s that you see advertised in cabellas and such; i got my set for 35 bucks off of brownell's.
The rear sight gets bolted to the receiver in the scope mounting holes; the front sight repleaces the blade. It consists of a rear aperture adjustable for windage and elevation, and a front sight post that tapers down to a thin point. The front sight is protected by a very thick ring.
Construction is mostly of a cheap alluminum-type alloy that you see used in inexpensive scope mounts/rings and such, but seems to be relatively strong. The rear sight's aperture is plastic, however, but is well protected by thick ears. The front sight is entirely metal, and is secured in place by two set screws.
Overall quality- good for the most part. The front sight was machined at a noticeable angle, requiring some windage change to correct for it. It also did not fit very snug in the dovetail, but that's why there are two set screws to hold it in; i would reccommend using loctite on those suckers for extra security. The rear aperture, while plastic, is very serviceable; the aperture itself is recessed in concave indentation, shading it from glare. I did need to put some white paint on the front sight to get it to show up easier, tho.
The sight system itself is VERY fast, especially compared to the standard irons. I hated those things. For me it shoulders very nicely with the choate pistol grip stock i have my 10/22 in.
In conclusion, i defintely consider this a worthwile accessory. THe quality could be a little better, but this is a very serviceable piece of equipment and can recommend it. No, it won't hold up to jumping out of helicopters...but then most people don't use the 10/22 for that either ;)
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