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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 3/23/2002 6:06:00 PM EST
I want to put a scope on my A2. I want something I can rely on and that won't scratch up the carry handle. What's the best bargain?
Link Posted: 3/23/2002 6:17:44 PM EST
How much are you willing to spend? DPMS and ARMS mounts are good. ARMS makes different variations of scope mounts and the price varies. You should stay away from the cheap chinese copys.
Here are some links:
Link Posted: 3/23/2002 7:42:44 PM EST
[Last Edit: 3/23/2002 7:45:21 PM EST by WolfAR15]
a few links for ya.





these are for mounts. as for scopes I would have to say that you need to spend in the range of $60+ to get anything other than crap. after that its all about features.

ask yourself some questions. 1. what kind of scope do i want? A short range scope? a short-medium range scope? or a long range scope? considering the average range of the AR15 you would need a short-medium range scope.

2. what size? well it doesn't need to be bulky thats for sure. it also shouldn't be very LONG.

3. what adjustment level do I want? 1/2 moa? 1/4 moa? IMHO id want to be able to do micro adjustments to get my gun right on target.

generally speaking if you want to hit a penny at average shooting range then get a scope with 1/4 moa or less (if they make em lower?) but if your trying to hit just a general spot about the side of a baseball or larger then you can go with higher.

4. what quality. this is a no-brainer you want water proof, shock proof, fog proof lenses with some good covers. you also want a good warranty.

5. electric?,NV?,illuminated reticle?

do you want any of these features? as a scope user I know that these things are not neccesity. Although the NV and Illuminated reticule ones would help in low light conditions. Although a NV scope would cost an arm and a leg (usually over a $1000!!!) an illuminated reticule scope would cost considerably less although still not dirt cheap.

seems like Leupold has some good tactical scopes for short-medium range.

compacts: www.leupold.com/pishot.html

the mk 4 cqt www.leupold.com/pi_cqt.html

available at bushmaster...www.bushmaster.com/shopping/scopes/m4-cqt.asp

tacticals www.leupold.com/pilaw.html

illuminated reticles www.leupold.com/pi_illum_scopes.html

theres also some nice ones @ www.bushmaster.com/shopping/scopes/

good luck.

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