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Posted: 8/2/2005 10:55:51 AM EDT
Where can I find a new style upgraded USC cocking handle? I just bought an early USC and the cocking handle is broken.

Link Posted: 8/2/2005 1:12:05 PM EDT
Hk is supposed to replace those cocking handles.... lifetime warranty ya know  

Have you contacted HK ?
Link Posted: 8/2/2005 1:21:47 PM EDT
I did contact them. It turns out that mine is newer and should have the new handle already. They said I could send the whole gun in and they would see if they decided it was under warranty..if not, they would then tell me how much it would cost to replace.

I will use that as a last resort. I hate sending my gun off for an easilly replaced part...it's just to find one now.

Link Posted: 8/2/2005 5:18:00 PM EDT
I see your point...

I'd say posting a WTB on Sturm for a USC or UMP cocking handle ( or the whole handle tube assembly )
Also do a search there for small USC/UMP parts.

There are some de-milled UMPs floating around...

There is this site where they are selling de-milled UMP .40s >  De-milled UMPs

They may or may not "part" with the cocking handle...

Or you could contact this dude, which "some" people swear by > HKpartsonline

Then there is Adam , Hk4ever (spelling?) on this site... he deals with the MP5 parts... he may be able to get a line on some USC or UMP parts. I'd give him a try too.

Then there may be the top-notch option.... I have no idea, but they might make a US made cocking handle. Don't really know for sure though.

I am sure you have entertained most of the above.... but if I were you I would try sturm and hkpro first off.

If all of the above fail.... get your shit sent to HK quick before they start or complete their move/transition to AL.  That could throw a wrench in your works for a long time  

Good luck, let us know how it goes.

Link Posted: 8/2/2005 5:20:34 PM EDT
Thanks for all the great info...I will start my quest tomorrow.
Link Posted: 8/3/2005 6:27:26 AM EDT
Looking at that "de-milled" UMP breaks my heart. That is just so wrong.
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