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Posted: 1/16/2002 2:31:23 PM EDT
Anyone here own one of these? I am thinking of buying one in 22 Hornet/.410 and want a little input from someone who already has one.
Finnbear out
Link Posted: 1/16/2002 3:44:26 PM EDT
It is a sturdy little gun, and the price is not bad. It detaches into two peaces and stows away easily in a vehicle. I wish I had gotten mine in .22 hornet.
Link Posted: 1/16/2002 4:28:00 PM EDT
Link Posted: 1/16/2002 7:18:49 PM EDT
I have the stainless, CZ made one in .22H/.410

I benchrested it and got 1 1/2" groups and 1 3/4" groups with 45 gr. SP and 55gr. FMJ-BT reloads. To use .22H, you Must reload. Buy one huge batch of all the same make of casing.

My 55 gr. all-purpose reload goes 2,400 fps, in a Winchester casing, w/ 10.5 grains of AA1680.

If you can't hit anything with an M6, you are either a bad shot, or haven't gotten used to the "Law Rocket" style trigger bar. The military fieldmanual gives 50m as the max. "effective" range with the .22 barrel.

I can easily hit 2liter bottles at 100 yards with the .22H barrel. It shoots about as well as a match-grade pistol. With 700ish ft.-lbs. of energy, it is about like a pistol cartridge.

Rate of fire is low, as expected. But, it is a "survival" type of weapon. Mine is just about my favorite hunting weapon.

Not a "target rifle", or "assault rifle" but a "survival rifle." If you can only be happy with a high rate of fire, you won't like it.

On the other hand, if you expect one well-aimed shot to handle the situation, then this is a fine weapon.

Wish I had gotten one years ago. It often accompanies me on backpacking trips.


I tried a fellow gun-owner's .22LR version, and I could hit coke-cans every time at 100 yards, with cheapo hi-vel ammo.
Link Posted: 1/18/2002 8:58:17 AM EDT
I have one in 22H/410 in the parked steel. My only regret is not getting the stainless. Maybe I will just get it coated namo like above mentioned. I am going to get the scope mounte for a decent low power scope. Great little gun at a great price (paid $180 out the door for mine) As bad as the trigger is it is great for gloves/mittens.

Link Posted: 1/18/2002 12:17:13 PM EDT
I've had mine for a long, long time. (I think the 'options' back then were just caliber, no stainless...)

It's a neat novelty item that can be fun to shoot (but not for an extended time) :)

The 22 hornet would be my choice now as it was the original config., If I do recall corectly.
Link Posted: 1/18/2002 6:38:04 PM EDT
I initially thought a rimfire version would be the best bet. But after actually shooting the .22LR and the .22Hornet, I realized for what the little rifle was, .22 centerfire was the way to go.

You don't have a high rate of fire, so you Need to go with the highest power option (.22H).

The shooter who lent me his .22LR version has since decided to rechamber it in .22mag, just to get more power. Right on.

I picked SS so that I could put lots of hard use on it without fear of rust. The outside is covered in nylon cammo tape, instead of a "dip" finish.

The military manual states that 45 gr. SP or HP from any American commercial manufacturer is the "issue" rifle ammo.

Only the Old Western Scrounger has any of that aluminum .410 for sale.

I guess just buy your own modern, 3" plastic cased #6's.

I consider my effective range with the M6 for hunting to be 100 yards (which is conservative). To shoot it well, you must realize that it is muzzle light, and so you have to actively/firmly control and steady the muzzle.
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