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Posted: 5/30/2002 6:52:05 PM EDT
and if so, what do you think of it?
Thanks for any input.

Link Posted: 5/31/2002 5:32:56 AM EDT
i got one last fall.  i've shot it a good bit, very accurate.  i have the shorter barrel version with fixed sights.  it looked sort of plain jane until i put the laminate grips on it, now she's pretty sharp.

pros:  accurate, fit hand really well, excellent trigger pull, light (mass of gun).

cons:  cost (not much, but some higher than a browning and ruger), reliability (it took a lot of testing of ammo to figure out what she likes to eat), magazines (i dislike plastic, and thats what mags the trailside takes).

all and all, i do not regret getting that gun.  like i said reliability was suspect until i broke her in a  bit and then found ammo that it like to eat (ironically the el cheapo remington ammo that has a waxy coating on the bullet).  it does not like hollow point not the agulla sss (subsonic sniper).

i'd highly recommend saving money on the adjustable sight and just put optics on her.  i have 20/20 vision and shoot open sight on must my gun (so i really like iron sights).  the trailside is very accurate and much of that accuracy was lost on iron sights.  

any other question...i'd be happy to try and answer for ya.

edited because i can't spell...
Link Posted: 5/31/2002 6:41:08 AM EDT
I bought one when they first came out.  It was so unreliable that SIG replaced it.  The new one was a little better, but still was not very reliable.  The plastic magazines suck.  I dumped it.  Watch-Six
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