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Posted: 2/6/2002 5:46:51 PM EDT
I am picking up my MK II at sometime soon and am trying to decide on a .22 rifle. Is the 77/22 all that much more accurate than the 10/22? I am also planning to have the barrel threaded for a can. Would there be any disadvantages to either on when using a can? I guess the 77/22 would be a bit quieter because the action would more when fired. Anyway does anyone own either one and have some good advice?
Link Posted: 2/6/2002 5:50:50 PM EDT
I have a 10/22 and I love the thing (well, except for the sights, they suck). Very accurate. Works well with a decent scope. I can't imagine the 77/22 being all that much more accurite, if at all. My 10/22 shoots better than I do.
Link Posted: 2/6/2002 6:52:46 PM EDT
Anyone else? Help me out guys, I have kid on the way and all I will be able to shoot is a .22
Link Posted: 2/6/2002 8:44:50 PM EDT
I'd go for the 10/22. Sh*t-can the lame sights, and put a scope on it. Mine'll shoot 1/2 inch at 50yds, with ANY ammo.
Link Posted: 2/6/2002 8:51:56 PM EDT
I would go with the 10/22. I don't think you'll get any complaints from anyone with a 10/22. Well....the hi-cap mags are highway robbery, but other than that, I love mine! I'm actually looking for a Bullpup stock for it!
Link Posted: 2/6/2002 8:55:29 PM EDT
Leave the bullpup stock ALONE! It isn't worth a sh*t! Trigger bar is awful, sights suck, as does scope mount, which places the scope roughly 5 inches above the bore. This, combined with the high trajectory of the 22LR, means you ain't gonna hit sh*t. Save your money, or spend it on a Butler Creek 25-rounder.
Link Posted: 2/6/2002 9:00:46 PM EDT
I may have to run over to Wal-Mart in the morning. The wife is going to kill me :) I'm doing it for the kid though!
Link Posted: 2/6/2002 10:56:28 PM EDT
I have a 77/22 with an AAC Pilot suppressor on it, and it is VERY QUIET with Aguila 60 gr SSS. All you can basically hear is the firing pin striking the rim, and the bullet hitting the target. If you plan on putting a can on it, stick with the 77/22. The actions on the 10/22's aren't loud, but they do make more noise than is necessary. Plus, because the Aguila uses a .22 short case, some of the noise actually exits the action as the gun is cycling (due to the shorter case ejecting quicker than a longer one). Accuracy is about the same between the two. Just ask Brown Precision, who makes custom 77/22's and 10/22's. They guarantee each one to shoot the same group!
Link Posted: 2/7/2002 3:27:28 AM EDT
My integral supressed 10/22 is whisper quiet. I hear nothing except the bullet striking what I am aiming at.
Link Posted: 2/7/2002 7:47:43 AM EDT
I have shot a 77/22 with a can as well as 7's integral 10/22. I would say the 77/22 is a bit quieter but not by much at all. I personally like the integral 10/22 better just for the extra fun factor of semi-auto. But both are absolutely incredible and beyond fun to shoot.
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