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Posted: 5/26/2002 7:03:29 AM EDT
I got my RRA chrome lined M-4 upper that has been on order for the last few months, but illness abounds in the kids so I haven't gotten to the range to check it out.  Visual inspection makes me think that it was worth the wait (though the bolt carrier machining is a bit sloppy) but the proof is in the performance.  With that in mind, has anyone here gotten a chance to try their's out?  I want to know what I'm missing.

Link Posted: 6/9/2002 8:22:19 AM EDT
Not yet.
Link Posted: 6/9/2002 9:28:37 AM EDT
I got the barrel from Pete-in-NH about 2 weeks ago and managed to get to the range last weekend and yesterday. (It's a 16" postban).

Since I had assembled the rifle, I was more concerned with making sure I had gotten everyting assembled correctly and that everything worked, rather than accuracy at this point. (All parts where RRA).

I've put about 500 rds through it (as of yesterday) without a single problem.
I used a variety of ammo, to test reliablity.

 40 rds - XM193 55 gr (LC 2001)
200 rds - Korean 55 gr (P S 88)
 30 rds - TZ (Israeli) 55 gr (TZ 87 & 88)
 30 rds - Olympic SS109 63 gr (2001)
200 rds - Gualemalan (don't remember Headstamp)
 30 rds - FN, FNW and other misc. junk.

Like I said, not a single FTF, FTE, or any problem.

I didn't fine tune the sights, yet, but found that I had to more the rear sight 1 click left, and the front sight still has plenty of room for adjustments. So, it appears that the front sight was properly installed and that the barrel was correctly indexed.

I did't bother to 'break in' the barrel as some people recommend. When I cleaned it, swabbed the bore with Shotters Choice and let it sit for a while, it only took a couple runs with the brush and about 4 patches to clean. There was evidence of copper fouling either.

I've very pleased with the entire rifle, and it appears that RRA did a great job with the manufacture of the barrel.
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