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Posted: 11/28/2014 2:46:23 AM EDT
Looking into reloading mainly range plinking 223 and to graduate from my turret press. Looking into the Hornady LnL AP. My question is: does the 5 station press have a way to go from just tumbled brass to a loaded round without removing the brass? Just the thought of sizing and depriming, removing to trim and then putting it back in the press sounds like a hassle I want to avoid.
The 2 possibilities I've thought of is trimming down to size for all my brass and then using X dies. The other option is using a Dillon Rapid Trim immediately after the size die, but not sure that's possible.

What efficient reloading techniques do you guys use for necked rifle rounds?
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It is a 2 stage process. I have a Harnady LnL AP. This is my process:

1. I tumble the brass first in corn cob or walnut.

2. Then through the press to decap and size.

3. Back in the tumbler to clean off lube and polish up more.

4. Then I trim each case with my Gracey trimmer.

5.(if this is once fired, otherwise skip to step 6) I ream the primer pockets with Hornady primer pocket reamer chucked in a mini drill press.

6. Then I load them. I leave the universal decapper in station 1 to make sure no media is stuck in the primer flash hole.

Trimming and primer pocket reaming allows me to inspect each case for problems. I might add primer pocket uniforming to my work steps going forward. I have 4-5000 cases in my stash. All have been sized, reamed and are ready to load.

My next investment is a case feeder.
Link Posted: 11/30/2014 1:06:32 AM EDT
You'd have to process your brass fully, trimming a bit shorter than 1.75, then setup the X-die for later reloads.

I considered this for myself, but I normally shoot with a group of friends, and I get all the brass as none of them reload. To keep my processed brass seperate from their's is not practical. We don't shoot from benches and we don't stand still while we are shooting.

So I just do the 2 pass thing, one trip through the 650 with decapper, trim die and the GS Custom swager. Then tumble off lube, and reload on my 550. This way has the added advantage of allowing me to load while one of my mates is processing brass, and another is putting loaded ammo on stripper clips .

I almost never load on the 650 anymore, it's only used for 5.55, 7.62 NATO, and 300 BLK. processing now.
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