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Posted: 9/23/2005 7:30:12 AM EDT
This stuff performed a miracle.

Test subject: SA M1 rebarrelled / overhauled at Red Rock in 6/65. Purchased as a Field Grade from CMP.

Ammo: Greek HXP vintage '68

The test target range was set at 50 yrds. The before group was shot on sunny day, wind was calm. The group had a pretty radial spread of 1.75" or 3.5 MOA. Standard performance for a service rifle.

Using the same ammo, target and target distance, on a VERY gusty day (yesterday) the after was impressive. My 5 shot group was arranged in a very linear "happy face smile" The two outer most shots were the upward turns of the smile and three lower shots made a very horizontal line. Max width 1.5" by a tight .5" high in gusty conditions. No question in my mind that without the wind, I could shoot close to 1.5 to 2 moa's with this. Pictures to follow.

The process brighten the barrel tremendously and made cleaning soooo much faster. Three patches I was done. My HRA M1 I fired as well yesterday, took considerable more work and time.

The process:

Da' loads: I used the 175g bullets (SMK's impregnated with grit) provided, pushed by H4895 powder, estimated @ 2600 fps, CCI 200 primers. 5 steps of 10 bullets each.

Fire 10, clean barrel...repeat 5 times, clean barrel. At the end of the day I cleaned it with USP's bore paste and oil.

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