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Posted: 6/15/2002 11:52:28 PM EDT
Anyone have any experience here? I've been looking for a concealable 9mm and the Glock 26 has caught my eye...but how does it shoot, given that cut-down grip? My current "small gun" is a Makarov, but I'm not sure I trust its stopping power; the 27 worries me because to me .40's seem to be a little too snappy, but the 9mm is the minimum I would trust to do the job...
Link Posted: 6/16/2002 1:20:04 AM EDT
I have to admit, i've got the 27 and it is a bit snappy in that package


with practice, i've found a grip that works great. I don't notice the "snappiness" anymore.

If *you* like 9mm, then maybe it is worth checking into.

*I* personally prefer 40 or larger but that is *my* preference.

The only odd thing is the missing finger groove but you get used to it soon enough.
Link Posted: 6/16/2002 3:32:48 AM EDT
Love my 26 for about 4 years. I'll take snappy over crappy in a pocket gun any day. It does not take long to adapt to the dangling pinky grip. While it makes the gun bigger, there are mag base attachments to create a longer grip, and any Glock mag fits since they are secured at the top.
Link Posted: 6/16/2002 3:42:23 AM EDT
I got my 26 a few months ago, and I was worried about even the 9mm recoil with only 2 grip fingers.  My worries were unjustified, though; I can shoot my 26 as well as my 19.  It just takes a little getting used to.  I've never had a .40, so I don't know if it would be too snappy or not.  'used to have a couple .45s, but I really like to shoot, and Wolf 9mm is so cheap...  I figure I'd rather put 3 9mm bullets on target than miss with something that's too expensive to practice with.

I bought a couple of Scherer pinky extensions with the gun, but I've actually taken them off because (at least with the 9mm), I don't need them.
Link Posted: 6/16/2002 4:16:26 AM EDT
I have shot a friends 26 side by side with my 27 and can say that the .40 has a little more snap then the 9mm but it is quite controlable. If you like the 9mm better then I would say get the 26 because you will never regret it.
Link Posted: 6/16/2002 4:23:38 AM EDT
Dam straight the 27 can be snappy compared to the 26. However, when the SHTF you won't notice that little bit of snap and you'll be dam glad you were packing serious .40 caliber

Link Posted: 6/16/2002 4:48:41 AM EDT
26 is a fine little concealment gun, I don't think you would go wrong with one.
Link Posted: 6/16/2002 5:06:03 AM EDT
Link Posted: 6/16/2002 6:18:47 AM EDT
Like everyone said, the 2 finger hold is not a handicap as the gun recoils surprisingly little.  You can still get the extenders from either Pearce or Scherer to add your pinky to the grip.  
One of my favorite features of Glocks is their ability to accept larger capacity mags from the other larger Glocks.   A 26 can therefore have a capacity of 10+1, 15+1(from the G19), 17+1 (from the G17,) 19+1 (a G17 with a +2 adaptor) and 33+1 (Scherer mag).  With that kind of flexibility, you can go from a small concealable pistol to a something akin to a mini-Uzi!

There's so many other great things about Glock, but I could type all day.
Link Posted: 6/16/2002 10:03:14 AM EDT
One piece of advice when using the magazine (pinky finger) extender.  If you place much force on this part, it causes the magazine to torque a little, causing it to not feed properly.....use it to "rest" the pinky finger.

Link Posted: 6/16/2002 10:08:33 AM EDT
The Glock 26 is too chunky.

I find a hammerless .38 much easier to conceal. My favorite small 9mm is the Sig P225.
Link Posted: 6/16/2002 10:09:59 AM EDT
I don't find my G27 to be "snappy" at all.  And I'm not just saying that to be macho.

I was quite surprised at how shootable it was.  It feels a little strange in your hand cuz the grip is so short but i can shoot it just about as fast as my M22.

Link Posted: 6/16/2002 2:20:38 PM EDT
I wouldn't buy a Glock in .40
They aren't reliable and tend to blow up/fire out of battery (Maybe I am a slight bit Biased since this happened in my hands)

9mm's seem to be ok. Definately go that route!
Link Posted: 6/16/2002 6:11:41 PM EDT
Thanx for the info, guys! And yes, AR15fan, I know the Gloch is chunky, but as far as I know there are not many other pistols out there with the reliability of Herr Glock's kugelspritzer...and I simply will not keep a gun that jams...still, I was hoping that since the 10-round mag limit seems to be here for good that Glock would re-engineer a slim version, but so far that's a no-go...
Link Posted: 6/16/2002 7:49:39 PM EDT
I constanly carry a Glock 27, even in the summer with a t-shirt untucked it conceals fine. I also use the finger extension, I've found it dose not hinder in concealment.

I use too have all 9mm but I switched to the 40's not because I didn't feel adaquitly armed, but because I can switch barrels and shoot 357 sig, 9mm and 40 all in the same gun.

I sold my 26 because I bought a 36 but found that gun to be harder to conceal, so I bought a 27. I also have 2-23 and shoot at my own range even with hand loads I have never had a problem with reliability or a gun blow up.

Glock's are ready to rock right out of the box.
Link Posted: 6/17/2002 7:01:03 AM EDT
I have a 27 and my wife has a 26.
Next gun show I think I might trade my 27 and buy another 26.
The 27 bite does effect Me and how I shoot, on the other hand the 26 is the best shooting gun I own.

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