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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 12/7/2001 4:48:02 PM EST
Im looking to buy a Olympic Arms Pre-Ban AR-15 .223 for $1079 or a Olympic Arms Pre-Ban AR-15 .223 early model for $1149. Any comments on the quality of this brand are appreciated.
Also Im looking at a Pre-Ban Tec 9 LNIB for $409.
I have a post ban Colt Ar15 right now but want a pre-ban.
Can you guys give me some views on theses guns.

Link Posted: 12/7/2001 5:20:43 PM EST
[Last Edit: 12/7/2001 5:14:00 PM EST by ILove2Shoot]
Link Posted: 12/7/2001 5:27:21 PM EST
Don't waste your money. Quality of these things is hit and miss at best. for a few hundred more you'll be able to get a Colt, Bushy, or Eagle/Armalite. I can't count how many threads i've read on this board about the significant problems with OLY. They have an entire system for Reworking their Receivers after they've been purchased by customers. that is complete B.S.
Link Posted: 12/7/2001 5:35:05 PM EST
The Pre-Ban Tec 9 just comes with a 30 round clipand is Blued. the barrel is treaded that why I was looking at it. The same reason I want a pre ban AR ist for a silencer for both.
Link Posted: 12/7/2001 5:43:56 PM EST
Olyhater, do I detect a bit of prejudice?

I had an Oly preban CAR-15 that was one of the best shooting guns I ever had. Never jammed, would work with any mag/ammo I tried, and shot dead on.

Just my 2 cents.
Link Posted: 12/7/2001 5:45:15 PM EST
For the record, I have a preban Oly Arms CAR-15 that will not accept Thermold magazines because of the magazine well. Don't get me wrong, I love the gun - especially with a new M-4 barrel. Just don't be surprised if you purchase an Olympic Arms and polymer/plastic mags don't lock. Stick with US GI and you should never have any problems.
Link Posted: 12/7/2001 5:50:31 PM EST
Link Posted: 12/7/2001 5:57:06 PM EST
[Last Edit: 12/7/2001 5:51:52 PM EST by timh70]
I can vouch for ILove2Shoot's Oly, as I now own it!!
I had my first real probem with it today. It failed to extract, but I hand loaded the chamber, so that might have been the problem.
As for accuracy, I can hit a 1foot high by 2 foot wide steel target at
200 yards with iron sights (from the offhand 6 out of 10)
Would I reccomend a Oly pre ban? Yup.
And the only mags that I have problems with (all of mine are USGI) are the same mags that my Bushy had problems with.
Hey Doug, how the 1911??

Link Posted: 12/7/2001 6:09:48 PM EST
Link Posted: 12/7/2001 6:13:57 PM EST
I'm glad you like it. I've been thinkin about optics, but I'll probably go cheap and get the Leapers knock off until I can afford an OKO with forward mount.

Link Posted: 12/7/2001 7:12:19 PM EST
I'm reading a lot of negative vibes about Olympic on other topics about this gun.

zombee seems to be defending it since he works there. If your out there do you have anything to add about pre ban ?

Im trying to save a few buck but do not want break downs in a pinchy situation. Would I be better off just getting a lower pre ban receiver and building it? Im not experienced enough to know about compatable uppers...
I appreciate all the comments. I need to hear more from you guys befor I buy.
Link Posted: 12/7/2001 8:10:06 PM EST
Buy the Oly Pre-Ban's and get them remade. No problems with fit or function then.
Link Posted: 12/7/2001 8:45:47 PM EST
How do you get the lower "remade"??

Link Posted: 12/8/2001 4:33:50 AM EST
Link Posted: 12/8/2001 12:41:21 PM EST
send it back to olympic, they will make a new receiver w/same serial number. pretty neat. hell, colt wont do it if you brake it
Link Posted: 12/8/2001 7:55:11 PM EST
I like the oly's . I have shot and owned a lot of different ar's but he oly's always worked for me. Have had several as DCM target rifles and even when using their stainless ultra match factory barrel very accurate..pat
Link Posted: 12/8/2001 8:12:21 PM EST
How about a preban DPMS.




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