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Posted: 10/5/2007 12:14:24 AM EST
[Last Edit: 10/5/2007 12:29:01 AM EST by ar15guy]
Finally had a chance to test fire my new Underwood M1 Carbine.

The specs:

Serial #: 13576xx (Jan-Mar 1943??)
Barrel: NO date, appears to have a "circled W", rough feel on outside of barrel for 3" by front site ...don't have MW gauge
Front site: looks like "JO" or "JQ"
Rear site: Milled, looks like an "H" inside a shield
Trigger Housing: .U., has some rust on trigger guard, Milled (I think), faint "flaming bomb" on bottom of housing
Hammer: I.K.
Slide: "underlined PI" on inside, "F" on bottom
Bolt: .U.
Safety: NO markings
Mag release: looks like "M" or "W"
Front band w/bayonet lug: "AMCO", rusty and pitted
Recoil lug: looks like a "circled 2"
Stock: lighter color (birch??), some fairly deep dings and scratches, "AM" by pistol grip area, NO other markings
Handguard: 2 rivet, can't make out markings, walnut (I think)
Buttplate: well worn, rusty, NO markings

I was a little concerned about the condition upon opening the box of my "ugly Betty", but I'm growing to love her more each day. She is "a diamond in the rough".

Today, I will attempt to locate the ever elusive and wiley "big stem pumpkin" (aka carcanivore pumpkinious).

It was an overcast and drizzly day in the heartland of America (Nebraska), but I finally located the prey..

Ammunition and magazines used (2-30 round USGI split-back w/bho magazines (marked "SEY") and 2-15 round USGI magazines (marked "U" and "IS").

And the star of the show...

First pull of the trigger resulted in a direct center hit to Mr. Pumpkin. She fires straight and true with tight groupings.

At the end of the day...the victor

and the spoils...

Had a few "fail to eject" and "fail to fire" with all the magazines and sometimes the slide would "stick" closed (had a hellva time trying to release it) or would NOT go fully into battery.

I'm thinking these issues may be resolved by completion of the following actions:

Disassemble bolt (gotta buy that special tool)
Replace: ejector, spring and firing pin
Replace: slide operating spring

Please share your thoughts on these actions or any additional suggestions that you feel will resolve the issues.

Link Posted: 10/5/2007 4:17:05 AM EST
looks fun to me,

silly silly me, I shot at mountain dew bottles

what would happen to a coconut

gotta try that

Link Posted: 10/5/2007 9:28:13 AM EST
What distance?
Link Posted: 10/5/2007 5:55:50 PM EST
Before replacing anything. I would try cleaning the rifle and parts completely. These rifles sat for many years. A dirty chamber may be causing some of the bolt closing and retracting problems. I would also soak the bolt (while still assembled) in a can of cleaner (hoppes. paint thinner, lacquer thinner or whatever else you have) to remove any dried grease or crud in the bolt. You can try spraying the bolt down with brake cleaner also. Then Oil the bolt well and give it a try. If the soaking doesn't work, you can always resort to tearing the bolt down for a cleaning a spring replacement.
Good Luck
Link Posted: 10/8/2007 7:30:30 PM EST
CavTex is probably right on with his cleanup suggestion. You might try a complete takedown and a thorough soak in Marvel's Mystery Oil. You probably don't have to pull that bolt apart but do depress the ejector while you're soakin' it. Less any broken parts I'd recommend that's one item best left alone. Same goes for the gas piston, but if you do pull it be sure to re stake the nut.

Kroil'll work very well for the soak, but it's a little more expensive and not as easily available in my experience.

Enjoy that little rifle, it's a great piece of history, save your brass and stoke your own!
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