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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 2/6/2002 9:34:24 PM EST
Has anyone out there used the molyfusion coating? What is your opinion of it?
Link Posted: 2/6/2002 10:41:35 PM EST
I've never used "MolyFusion" but I do use Moly coated bullets.

I've used some using Midway's process and I use some using Neco's process.

No contest, the Neco process is the best - PERIOD.

There are many things to be said about Moly. Some are rumors and some are verifable.

The rumors first:

Q) Moly will cause your barrel to rust/corrode

A) I believe this to be true ONLY if there is something trapped under the coating. I've been using REGULARLY since early 1999 and no problems. Before using it, make sure the barrel is ABSOLUTELY clean. In my Sendero, that all i've ever used and the barrel looks excellent.

Q) There isn't any real accuracy improvements using Moly.

A) Half true! In Precision Shooting magazine, I believe it was Laupa (or some other Finnish ammo company) that performed extensive test using moly coated bullets. The results were that under 200 or 300 meters there wasn't much if any difference but beyond that there was substantial improvment. WHY? Because the Moly reduced the amount of engraving, from the rifling, along the shank of the bullet making it less aerodynamic and therefore more stable over greater distances. I use the moly bullets because I plan to do long distance (1000 yards) shooting.

Q) Moly is messy and hard to clean up.

A) Again, half true. While the powder can be messy, bullets coated using the Neco process are not as messy. Now, regarding cleaning a barrel, it is MUCH, MUCH easier in my opinion.
I can completely, thoroughly clean my barrel using about five patches total.

Q) I lost some velocity using moly.

A) When working up loads using moly there are two things that you will notice. 1) The velocity will drop until the barrel has a coating of moly on it, then it will stabilize, and 2) You MAY (but not always) end up increasing the powder charges in your loads. This is due to the decreased resistance as the bullet travels down the bore. When developing loads, coat the barrel with a few test rounds then compare your loads.

Now, you may hear about using abrasive bore paste to clean your barrel. Some will say it will distroy your barrel but I believe this is only if the product is used excessivly.

If the barrel is really dirty, I make a single pass with a patch containing JB's bore paste. This can be damaging if I were to scrub the bore with it or were to run several patches of it through the bore. A single patch is all i've needed to loosen any debris. I may have to do the every FEW cleanings (not every time), I usually can get away with wiping the bore clean using Kroil. It removes the residue but not the moly. This is important as you would have to recoat the bore (by firing) with moly to have consistent velocity.

NOTE: you will need to fire a few rounds through your barrel initially to coat it with moly. You shouldn't have to do this again.
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