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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 10/2/2005 11:49:26 AM EDT
Been thinking about scoping my M1A to see how accurate it really is. I have a SA scope mount (not going to use it permanently, but it came with the rifle! I'll buy a Smith) that I was going to use to put on a 3x9 (again, just temp, not going to use it permanently) on the rifle. At a gunshow today, I found a new(?) 16x42 milldot scope with a 30mm tube. The brand wasn't marked on it, and the dealer thought it was a Mesopa(???). Does that sound right? I think I've seen that name before. Anyway the scope looks just like the SS pics in the SWFA catalog. Tactical turrets, rear parralax adjust., everything. Is SS marked on their scopes? Anyone have any idea what kind this was? Dealer thought it was new, and he offered it to me for $175. And NO, I didn't buy it. Didn't know anything about Mesopa(???), but now that I see pics of the SS, I wonder if I screwed up. Only good thing is, he'll be here in 3 weeks at the local show, so I might still have a chance if anyone thinks this is a good deal. Thanks. Greg
Link Posted: 10/2/2005 6:03:27 PM EDT
Sir, just put a 2.5-10 IOR on my M1A and cannot say enough great things about it.
Link Posted: 10/2/2005 6:48:52 PM EDT
the rear parralax SS scope from swfa is $300 bucks. I have two of them so far i have been pleased I have one on my fp-le2. and one on my m1a

smith mount and rings

Link Posted: 10/2/2005 7:09:56 PM EDT
Cruze5: Is your SS marked with "Super Sniper"? The scope I looked at looks identical to the pictures of yours. I figured it was a knockoff though, if it didn't have the manuf. name on it. If I would have thought it was a SS, I would have bought it without a second thought. But the dealer thought it was a Meropa, Mesopa, or some such name brand, and I wanted to do some research on the net for that brand. But can't seem to find any thing when I google it. Thanks. Greg
Link Posted: 10/3/2005 4:00:57 AM EDT
It has no markings on the scope.
Link Posted: 10/3/2005 6:43:13 AM EDT

Originally Posted By OhioGunNut:
Sir, just put a 2.5-10 IOR on my M1A and cannot say enough great things about it.

I bought one a few days ago, but I am away now and won't be able mount it for another 4 months or so.

If you have any pictures could you post them?

What rings and mount did you use to attach it to your rifle, I will be trying to get it as low as possible.

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