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Posted: 12/17/2008 11:02:29 PM EST
is full of fail!

Ithaca has finally announced its new Defense model, that many people have been waiting for quite some time. However, they have already screwed the pooch with this new scattergun:


First, it has a fixed barrel. You can forget about ever wanting a dual-purpose Ithaca, easy cleaning, easy barrel work, or easy barrel replacement if it gets messed up.

Also, the magazine tube is unsupported. In any firearm with a magazine tube, it is the most critical component that is keeping your firearm from being a single shot. This is magnified ten-fold when its a firearm for defensive purposes. This is why the majority of magazine extension manufactures provide a barrel clamp. I still haven't received word back from Ithaca if it will even accept a magazine extension.

The MSRP is attractive at $450, but these are 2 critical flaws in the new M37 Defense. If you were looking forward to one, I would recommend shooting Ithaca an email to voice your opinion.
Link Posted: 12/18/2008 2:43:23 AM EST
No way I'd buy one. I'm an Ithaca M37 guy (I won't say how many I have - 12 and 16 ga. both) but part of the reason I like mine is missing in this new model.

Looks like they've done it to save time and money on manufacturing. I see used ones for $250 sometimes at gunshows.

I got a cherry 8 shot model at a gunshop 3 years ago for $250 (got real lucky). You'd be better off buying a used one and getting it refinished.

I don't think they wear out. My dad has been hunting with his since the early 1950's. Its worn so smooth on the outside it looks nickle plated. It's been fired so many times that when you hold it up vertical and hit the slide release button the bolt/slide come down on their own. It's still puttin' the squirrels, grouse and turkeys on the dinner table.
Link Posted: 12/18/2008 4:23:00 AM EST
Squirrels on the dinner table? Sounds like Deliverance II.
Link Posted: 12/18/2008 5:14:57 AM EST
Meh..Ive never been a fan of the Ithaca or its offspring, the Browning BPS. This one is even worse.
Link Posted: 12/19/2008 9:33:37 PM EST
Being a Big Fan Of Ol Mr Brownings designs, and a south paw, I'm a big Ithaca fan.
I have several myself, and they are the smoothest of any pump I've ever seen.
I have two friends I shoot clays with. Just out in the field for fun stuff. One has his fathers 870, the other has his grandfathers 37. They have both had alot of use. The 870 is ready for retirement. The 37 is ready for another box of shells.
I know ALOT of folks are 870 fans, but the 37 is a better gun in my experiance. I've NEVER had one jam, never. No, you cant easily add a mag extention becouse of the design, but if you want more than 5 in the tube, get one with a longer tube.
Link Posted: 12/20/2008 4:44:09 AM EST
Hopefully the mag. tube being unsupported is only an error from photshoping the picture for the web page.

Like the Winchester one here.
Mag tube block missing
Link Posted: 12/25/2008 2:36:09 AM EST
I have an old Ithaca M-37 and I love it. However, the new pepsi-generation M-37 is one I think I'd pass on. The front of the magazine tube not being supported isn't a good idea and even if the photoshop picture was wrong, the fixed barrel isn't something that turns my crank either.
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