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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 10/29/2001 5:05:13 AM EST
My club, Citizens' Rifle & Revolver Club, had its open house/fun shoot yesterday. Club members bring their guns to the range & let the public shoot & see what we're up to. Fun targets like gallon milk jugs full of colored water, plaster targets, clay pigeons hanging from target holders, etc. Win a frozen turkey.

While a couple of my handguns were on load at the pistol range, I had my Garand and two ARs at the "shoot through a tube" rifle range, from a bench. At $2 for five shots, I collected $128 for the club. I counted a dozen empty Garand clips in the bucket and the rest were AR shooters. Bunches of Cub Scouts & moms & little sisters. A couple of family groups. One old Marine who "hadn't seen one of these since Okinawa". He shot for free. I also had an old Springfield tube magazine .22LR that will hold 18 .22 shorts, making it a NJ "assault rifle'. We played "guess which one is an assault rifle" with the bayonetted Garand and two post-ban configured ARs. Nobody guessed the .22.

Had a few "why do you need one of those?" questions. I just handed them the 16" shorty with a red dot & had them shoot. Always wound up with a grin. Converts? Maybe. A little less anti? Hopefully.

Swapped off with the trap range as the rifle range is in the clay bird landing zone. Every time we'd get ready to swap operations, ten more people would show up. My guys could win a frozen turkey if they hit a nailed-up clay bird at 100 yards on the first shot.

I went home tired. Must have looked at ejecting shells 300+ times. Caught a few. M1 shells come out hotter than AR shells, but not by much! That 30" concrete tube makes some strange echoes. Great fun.
Link Posted: 10/29/2001 5:59:53 AM EST
way to go Norm!
how many people were there total? i'm sure at least some walked away wanting an AR! i wish i was there to fire that 'assault .22', unless of course it was black and scary looking... LOL
Link Posted: 10/29/2001 7:34:34 AM EST
I'll guess 200 people total as visitors. We'll do it again next Sunday.

The Springfield ass-gun has a cracked & Elmer's glued back together birch stock.
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