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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 1/10/2006 5:13:29 AM EST
[Last Edit: 1/24/2006 5:26:43 PM EST by No_Expert]
Picked up my Yugo....went in at 9am when they opened, waited patiently at the counter for the guy to come get the gun I had being held. Was eyeballing the cabinet and saw a few other potential purchases....K31, a couple Mosins, an M44, etc.... anyway.

So the guy shows up, manager I believe, I give him my Driver's license and copy of my FFL. He won't accept the FFL. Says he has to do a 4473, and he has to call it in... "company policy". I nicely explained that he was doing extra work that did not need to be done, the BATFE says so, but he got all uppity...offered his "corporate info" if I wanted to complain. I told him I wasn't giving HIM a hard time, I was legally trying to use my FFL and he didn't need to be doing anything other than recording the info for their bound book.

If it wasn't a such good price on what I think is going to be a decent rifle, I would have just walked, most of their other C&R stuff is not priced as well as online/mail order...just here you can examine it first.

So, I got the phone number to his District manager, but I'm sure he'll just blow me off on the phone, so I got their corporate info online and am gonna write them a letter, as well as call the DM.

Basically, they had a dozen C&R guns there, at least 5-6 of them I'd be interested in. But if I gotta log them in my bound book anyway, I'd just as soon order them from someplace that will send it to my home with just the copy of my FFL... that's what I'll explain to them. I doubt it will change any policy, but at leat they will know that I will spend my money elsewhere.

I will try to post pictures here later today/tonight of the new Yugo, before cleaning it... and tomorrow after cleaning it.

No Expert


Well, could not get "before" pics cause wife had the camera and was out all afternoon. Cleaning it was a bit of a challenge, but I think I did okay for my irst one.

Stripped off as much cosmo as I could, the field stripped it down.
Baked all the parts I could fin in the oven to get the cosmo off. Which was everything except the barrel/receiver and stock.

Used Gunk brand engine degreaser to clean those, used boiling water from microwave afterwards, then oiled everything down.

Reassembled and waiting to fire..hopefully tomorrow or next day.

I'm sure more cosmo will leak out.

Anyone got suggestions for treating the stock?

Oh, and the condition? ALL matching serial numbers. Dark bore but very good rifling. no carvings on stock, but is somewhat worn. Blueing has visible wearing also...but overall a very good condition rifle I think and for the $109+tax price.

I will definately get pics in.

No Expert

Finally got the digital camera together...here are a couple pics.

Here's a picture in the new case I bought...great deal, $28 case at Meijer's...on clearance for $4.90! So I went back and bought the remaining 6 they had.

a somewhate closer picture of the action, get an idea of the wood/metal condition. The wood still needs to be cleaned out of all the cosmo I'm sure I didn't get it all out. It wouldn't fit in the oven.
Link Posted: 1/10/2006 5:22:29 AM EST
some places haver that policy. Most of the local FFL's are that way.
Link Posted: 1/10/2006 11:19:52 AM EST
That may be true...it is just a policy...but screwy anyway. One other thing that I didn't mention, once the NICS went through and the employee I guess no longer felt I was trying to trick him or something...he lost his attitude. AND told me that if NICS gives a hold code, even after it clears in 2-3 days, Dunham's will then refuse to sell the weapon to the person.

So, if you get a hold code cause your name gets mixed up with someone else and ATF tells them to hold it for 3 days them gives the go-ahead and clears you, Dunham's "company policy" is to NOT sell you the weapon after you've been cleared casue as he told me... "what if the ATF has to go get the weapon later?" dumbshit!
I said, "if they give you the all clear to sell, you are all clear to sell"... he said "Nope".

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Link Posted: 1/10/2006 11:28:10 AM EST

Originally Posted By No_Expert:
That may be true...it is just a policy...but screwy anyway.

And that is why i don't do business with Dunhams.

They are free to do business as they see fit. And i am free to spend my money elsewhere.
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