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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 10/31/2002 1:27:17 PM EST
I want to buy a gun that I can finish and fiddle with a bit. Possibly an 8mm Mauser or Nagant or something like that. The problem for me is the fact that there are about 8 million different model numbers for those guns and about 20 countries that make these old rifles. What is a good low priced gun for me?
Link Posted: 10/31/2002 1:32:09 PM EST
Don't know where or what condition you can get them in but I seem to recall seeing some nice 98K Mausers for sale somewhere... I love mine.
Link Posted: 10/31/2002 2:36:53 PM EST
Mausers are a good way to go. You can usualy find them for a decent price. You might want to check Sarco, AIM, or SOG.

Another great gun is the M-44 Mosin Nagant carbine. They are alot of fun to shoot, have a fixed folding bayonet, and easy to come by. If you are wanting to refinish the stock though, make sure you aren't getting a laminate stock. My Russian one has a laminate stock, but I think that some did not (and I know that some of the Romanian ones were not laminated). They are really cheap right now for beater guns, which would make for a good project. One dealer around here has them for $55.
Link Posted: 10/31/2002 3:30:48 PM EST
There is a website that has some nice Yugoslavian Mausers with lots of accessories.

It is :


Link Posted: 10/31/2002 3:40:21 PM EST
Link Posted: 10/31/2002 3:41:01 PM EST
The C&R boys are really saying that this deal is terrific. Below is a thread copied from another board.


All I can say is if you never buy another rifle again after your next purchase, make sure you get one of these EX-unissued M48A's with accessories from AIM Surplus www.aimsurplus.com for the outrageous price of $150!! You will not believe the value you get for your money.

The driver dropped my rifle off this morning. It was packaged nicely in cardboard wrap and the accessories were in a seperate box.

First the rifle-

all numbers match, stock, bolt, receiver, mag plate everything with a number matches (except bayo).

metal is 100% deep black shiny beautiful blue. I have two other M48's that were unissued but they just dont compare to this one.

bolt is brand frikin new, no scratches or anything on the bolt head, shiny brand new finely machined Yugo craftmanship absoulutely beautiful.

bore is brand frikin new. Just put a patch thru to get the thin cosmo film out and thats all that came out on the patch. Shiny brand new bore.

wood is brand frikin new. Now there are a few little dents here and there, but very slight and only a few. Just a few storage marks is it. The wood is a beautiful grainy Yugo work of frikin art.

This is without a doubt the best condition surplus rifle I've ever gotten, looks like it was built yesterday.

The rifle comes with a brand new bayo with scabbard and frog. Beautiful wood hilt, slightly rough but beautiful wood. The scabbrd and blade are blued. The scabbard and blade numbers match but are not the numbers to the rifle. Same arsenal mark on the bayo as on the rifle. The leather frog is well used but cleans up nicely.

The rifle also comes with a well used sling, 30 round ammo pouch well used and a cleaning kit that includes an oiler, horsehair bore brush, pull through rope and a muzzle cap.

Rifle also comes with a little four page manual.

The importer is Cherrys Inc out of North Carolina, very subtle and well done import mark on the underside of the muzzle. I think I've seen some of Cherrys restorations but I dont believe this rifle to be restored, I think it's unissued original, there is no evedence of restoration anywhere.

Well all I can say is I wish I had bought two. I guess I may have to order another on Monday as long as you bastards dont buy them all

This gets the 5 Red Stars rating from me, a must buy IMO. Sell something else if you have to in order to get one of these fine Mausers, they just don't make them like this anymore. Expect some minor storage dings here and there folks but the rest should be beautiful. Maybe the one you get won't be as perfect as this but it will be close. AIM doesn't rate EX+ as anything but EX+. This is a top of the line commie weapon which is a STEAL at $150.


Here's a bunch of pictures, hopefully the photo album didn't downgrade them too much, enjoy while you wait for YOURS!


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10-11-2002 05:00 PM

Link Posted: 10/31/2002 6:05:19 PM EST
Enfield's were nice too. I've got a .303 and a 30.06 and both are terrific rifles
Link Posted: 11/1/2002 3:21:38 AM EST
Gotta go with a CMP Garand or 1903 Springfield.

Get a gun with history, and a real U-S Military Pedigree.

Try www.jouster.com for its' Garand and '03 Board...you won't go wrong!
Link Posted: 11/1/2002 3:34:26 AM EST
my first C&R purchase was a Turk Mauser. they're so-so. Enfields are a good buy.

I know what you're going thru.. all those selections out there... just think if you are like me an others with a C&R license. I've got a copy of my license at no less than 20 dealers/importers.. you can go nuts! only restraint is $$$$$ [sigh]
Link Posted: 11/1/2002 4:53:55 AM EST
I bought a Yugo M48A at the last show for $110 and I couldn't be happier with it. The stock is a little beat up, but is in overall good condition. A little tung oil really made it look good. The bore is excellent(looks new) and the bluing and metal is in excellent condition as well. The only drawback so far it that I couldn't find any non-corrosive ammo for it, although I am still looking.

I've been cruising the Mauser boards for the last week and, from what I read there, stay away from Mitchells. They say that you can get rifles in similar condition for about half what Mitchells want's for them...
Link Posted: 11/1/2002 5:15:22 AM EST
Got to say get an M48A yugo mauser and also a M44 Mosin Nagant.You can get the M44 for under $100 and the M48A for $150-200.I bought the Turkish ammo(corrosive) for $80 for 1400 rnds.I got 2ea cases.Now it being corrosive you have to clean it right away but look at the cost and how much you can shoot it.Just get some Windex window cleaner/ammonia in it and spray down the barrel and get the bolt face.It will neutralize the corrosive salts.I love both the rifles.Cheap shooting to. War Dawg
Link Posted: 11/1/2002 8:27:34 AM EST
Just stay away from the Hungarian M95 mannlicher. Ammo is too oddball. Rifles are not in that good of shape. I bought one and found out the extractor was cracked. Had to buy parts that cost me half as much as the rifle.
A good Yugo Mauser should be a good investment for you.
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