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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 6/21/2002 1:11:46 PM EST
Does anyone know/recommend a good FFL for ordering firearms in Houston. I might get a wild hair and order a CETME. However, I've never gone through a third party FFL before.


Link Posted: 6/21/2002 2:09:30 PM EST
If you ever make it down to League City, right at the 518 (main street) exit there is an Academy store. Down a few doors is Prodefense. They mostly talor towards LEOs but will order and transfer your legal transaction. They charge something like $35 for a fee. You might need to check to see if this is still accurate. I've used them before.
Link Posted: 6/21/2002 4:43:45 PM EST
[Last Edit: 6/21/2002 4:45:16 PM EST by Chazz]
If you are in the southwest end of town, there is a guy in Missouri City that does transfers for $10.00 and will do firearms for his cost + 10% + shipping. I think he still only charges $10.00 for transfers. That is who I have been using, at least until I get my FFL which I have already applied for.
Email me if you want his info.

Link Posted: 6/21/2002 5:05:27 PM EST
Yup, I use Richard Perry in Missouri City all the time. He used to charge $5 per transfer. However, he did something I didn't like very much the last time I had him transfer a firearm. He opened up a sealed envelope addressed to me. I though that was not very cool. It had a sales receipt of the firearm I bought. I had the seller seal it because I wanted to keep the price private. I don't know if AIM gives out reciepts, but I ordered an Gordon Tech AK from them once and didn't get a receipt. I think he might have kept it...
Link Posted: 6/22/2002 6:02:02 AM EST

Originally Posted By Chazz:
If you are in the southwest end of town, there is a guy in Missouri City that does transfers for $10.00 and will do firearms for his cost + 10% + shipping. I think he still only charges $10.00 for transfers. That is who I have been using, at least until I get my FFL which I have already applied for.
Email me if you want his info.

YES...have dealt with Richard Perry and his wife twice before. Initially they had a $5 fee, now it's $10. VERY POLITE TO DEAL WITH.

I can understand why you'd be upset if he opens your package. However, he DOES have to see it in order to process the paperwork with Serials, etc. As for knowing what I paid for something...who cares? He is getting his $10 whether I paid $1000 or a friend GAVE ME the gun.

Anyway, most FFL's can guess what you pay on any particular gun...it's their business to know gun prices. If he thinks you overpaid grossly, he might even say "If you're looking for another, I can get you one for $xxx less!" Not bad in my book.
Link Posted: 6/22/2002 6:15:44 AM EST
I am in the Sugar Land area and have an FFL as well. I will handle all transfers for $20, and that includes weapons I order for you. No mark-up, just a flat fee.

Whenever possible, I try and locate a distributor that will sell directly to you so that you can save an additional 6.25% (sales tax.)

Let me know if I can help you out.

Link Posted: 6/22/2002 7:44:40 AM EST
No, not package. Envelope addressed to me.
Link Posted: 6/22/2002 1:41:34 PM EST

Originally Posted By Neutrino45:
No, not package. Envelope addressed to me.

Ahhh, I see why you might be upset. My only recommendation would have been to politely express your concern that he was "opening private correspondence" (of course, hindsight is 20/20). It could have been an honest mistake, and having dealt with him and his wife twice I would think there was no ill-intention.

But, that would probably frustrate me too! Sorry to hear it!
Link Posted: 6/30/2002 7:57:57 PM EST
On the West side is Earl Tucker. Charges $15. Can be difficult to reach sometimes (this is a side business to his mechanic and machine shop.

Neat thing is he always has a couple of old Armored vehicles he's restoring.

Email me if you want more info.
Link Posted: 6/30/2002 8:07:31 PM EST
If you're on the north side, I really like the guys at Shooter's Station in Conroe. Bought a few guns there, and had many more transferred there. They charge $25 for a transfer.

If you try them, let 'em know that Derek sent you.
Link Posted: 7/1/2002 4:04:10 PM EST
Well, a lot of good info has come from this post. However, I've come to my senses and I'm going to try to get that Bushy 16" A3 after all.


But, after the A3, a Cetme might something to start saving for....
Link Posted: 7/1/2002 5:09:31 PM EST
[Last Edit: 7/1/2002 5:11:00 PM EST by cnatra]
I don't think he'll mind the free advertising..
I got Mr. Burroughs name off of Gunbroker.com.

If your on the north side of town I would seriously consider contacting him. He specializes in doing just transfers. Easy to work with & professional.

----- Original Message -----
From: burros
Subject: Internet Transfer Policy

I'm in The Woodlands,

Fee for normal transfers is $20.00 plus 6.25% sales tax ($1.25) assuming you pay for the item and shipping with the seller directly, which is what 99% of folks do. If you want me to pay the seller for you or if the seller sends me a pro forma invoice, I must collect the money in advance and will charge you 15% on top of your cost for the item plus sales tax on 1.15% of the item's cost. Only exception to the $20.00 fee is for semi-automatic, military-style assault weapons. That fee is $27.50 plus tax because of the additional verification required to make sure the gun meets federal ATF regulations. You will also need to obtain some additional documentation from the seller ahead of shipment, so best call ahead of time.

The transfer process is controlled by federal law and is fully explained on most auction sites (for example, gunbroker.com). Briefly, once you have purchased the item, drop me an e-mail with:

your name,
your address,
your phone #(s),
item description,
auction item number,
seller's name (and e-mail),
seller's mailing address,
seller's phone #, and
(hopefully) seller's FFL number.
You can also leave me a phone message at 281-363-1967. This information helps me to expedite the paperwork. I will need to send an original copy of my license to the seller via US Mail, which I will confirm via return e-mail. Most sellers will understand what they need to tell you and how the process works, because they have done this many times before before. As I said, the procedure is laid out under federal law.
When the gun comes in, I'll call you and release it to you, assuming you can pass the federal background check or have a Texas CHL. You must have a valid, current Texas DL the address on which matches your CHL (if you have one) and the address you put on the federal transfer form (ATF 4473--the "yellow" form). If you can't pass the background check, it is up to you to figure out what to do next -- I can't release the gun to you by law. In general I will hold a gun for 30 days before disposing of it at auction on Gunbroker.com unless you make prior arrangements with me. I will take a 25% commission on the sale and refund the rest to you.

You can pick up weekday evenings after 7:30PM or weekend afternoons. Please call first.

I accept payment by cash, personal check, or PayPal if you want to use VISA/MC (you can sign up ahead of time at the following link). Please note: There is a 4% surcharge on PayPal payments, representing the cost of a built-in cash discount unavailable with this option:
PayPal Sign Up
Bill Burroughs

P & F Firearms
The Woodlands, Texas 77380
281-363-1967 (voice)
281-298-5974 (fax)
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