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Posted: 4/26/2002 6:47:06 AM EDT
Brand new to the site. If these questions have been answered before, I'm sorry.

Is anyone familiar with the GAT trigger(short burst-auto)? There are two types I've seen advertised. Another one is sold by delta force. Do they work? Can it damage my Bushy in anyway?

My second question is about Hi-Cap mags. I live in the Peoples Republic of Massachusetts. I found some sites that won't send to Mass. Some sites will but they're too expesive or not the best type for my Bushy.
Link Posted: 4/26/2002 9:12:43 AM EDT
Welcome to the forum!

Answer #1) Most of the 'trigger' enhancements do not work 'all to well'. The GAT trigger is based off a little spinning wheel if I remember correctly. This makes it very difficult to hold, and shoot the rifle. Far from any real fun of the imagined M16.

I have one of those silly TAC trigger systems on my Bushy 20" A2. At first, the system was lame and didn't work at all. The trigger guard on the newer bushys are made from plastic (milspec), and thus would flex when pressure was applied. I have always had the fixation of an M16, so I installed an aluminum trigger gaurd + a JP trigger system (in the works). This will make the system work. But again, its still a fookey thing, and its novelty runs out after a few clips.

#2) In your state, from what I understand (as of Jan. 01), you can use HiCap mags within limitations.

1- You have to have a FID (firearm idendification card). They come in two variables: Class A, Class B. You would want to obtain a Class A. Here is a quote:

Class A carry license is required to possess, purchase, or carry any large capacity firearm (handgun, rifle, or shotgun), large capacity ammunition feeding devices therefor, and ammunition therefor. The license "may" be issued by the same issuing authority as for a card to a person at least 21 who is eligible for a card and demonstrates he is a "suitable person" and "has good reason to fear injury to his person or property, or for any other reason, including...sport or target practice only." Restrictions may be placed on the license.

2- Where are you living? If it is in Bostin, ignore this alltogether. Boston has a law whereas you cannot have over a 10rnd mag.

Check out this site for further information regarding fees, processes, and what to do & not to do:


Good luck.
Link Posted: 4/26/2002 8:29:55 PM EDT

...The trigger guard on the newer bushys are made from plastic (milspec), and thus would flex when pressure was applied.

Why do you say milspec for the plastic trigger guard??? It isn't, all the M-16's I have handled in the Army have had aluminum trigger guards.
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