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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 6/26/2003 8:17:53 PM EST
I'm wanting to build a designated marksman style rifle. Something in .308 w/ no more that 4x optics. I'm down to either the M1A or FAL. Is the FAL an adequate weapon for such an application? I need 3/4 or 1 moa at the most for accuracy. Effective range needs to be out to 600yds. I like the fact that the FAL's gas can be turned off so it doesn't sling brass every time it fires. As for the optic, I was thinking along the ACOG lines. All suggestions and info are welcome. Thanks,

Link Posted: 6/27/2003 2:48:56 AM EST
The FAL trigger is kinda mushy, and oddly enough I haven't seen a "match" trigger available for it. They aren't bad, just nothing to write home about.

The biggest problems in FAL accuracy has been the poor sights. The Inch are better than metric, but even they tend to wiggle around. Scope mounts themselves have been pretty poor in the past, but lately there are some good ones out there. Even the cheap TAPCO ones are pretty solid compared to what has been offered in the past.

Effective range if you get a nice trigger, and a good scope and mount, should be 600 meters in the real world easy enough. I don't know what kinda accuracy you'd get, but even 2MOA will get you a 12" circle at 600yds. Good enough in my book.

Don't use a sling to shoot as the FAL barrel is not free floating and the sling tension will effect accuracy. Same with a bipod. Also don't hang all sorts of crap off the front end either. Try not to "pimp" it up, like many folks tend to do with AR's. The less hanging on the front end, the less will effect accuracy.

I'd recommend the ELCAN. I have one on my AR-15A2, and I like it better than the ACOG. It's also super bright at night. Both the ELCAN and ACOG are top of the line, so you wont' go wrong with either.

The M1A has a gas cut-off as well. There's a switch on the side.

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